1964 Ferrari 250 LMSOLD
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The 4th of 32 cars built.
Original body.
Superb racing history

1964 : Sold new to Gottfried Köchert, the head
jeweler of the Austrian royal family
(confirmed by the Ferrari Factory
«Foglio Allestimenti» document).

Damaged by Köchert on the way back to his
home in Austria coming from the Sierra-Montana
Crans hillclimb in Switzerland.
Repaired at the Factory.
Repainted by the Factory in dark red (Rosso).

August 1965 : Returned to the Ferrari Factory
after the race of Zeltweg and temporaly stored
in Maranello.

End 1965 : Sold by the factory to Luigi Chinetti
Motors NART, Greenwich (Connecticut), USA.

1965 : Sold by Chinetti to Arthur W. Swanson,
Massachussets, USA. Repainted white with a
blue longitudinal stripe (US racing colors).
Registered on US license plates of
Massachussets «G36 958» and later on «MP 69».
Race entered under the name of Squadra Bardahl.

Summer 1967 : Serviced by Ferrari Factory and
then, Scaglietti short nose replaced by Piero
Drogo’sCarrozzeria Sports Cars in Modena
with a long nose.

1972 : Sold by Swanson to Najarian Auto Sport,
USA. Converted for road use, dashboard covered
with leather, sliding windows replaced with
wind-up windows, seat belts and carpets added.
Code on seat belts.

1974 : Code on glass.

1974 : Sold by Najarian Auto Sport to D. Kingsford,
(Massachussets), USA.

1974 : Sold by Kingsford through dealer
Stanley Nowak to Hishashi Okada, New York,
USA in trade for his 330TRI/LM chassis N° 0808
(which went to Pierre Bardinon, France).
Road registered by Okada on New York
license plates « 250LM ».

September 1974 : Shown by Okada during the
Ferrari Club of America Concours and pic-nic
meeting at Old Westbury Gardens, Connecticut.

19 april 1991 : Registered in New York state.

1992 : Sold by Okada to Kakefu, Japan.
Never used by him.

1992 : Sold by Kakefu to Tomo Utsuki, Japan.
Never used by him.

1992 : Sold to Berlinetta Motors, Japan.
Never used.

1992 : Sold to Vintage Garage, Japan.
Never used.

1992 : Sold to MJM International, Japan.
Never used.

August 1993 : Sold to Don Williams, (California),
USA. Never used .

1995 : Sold to Mark J. Smith and Gerald Bowes
in Pennsylvania, USA. Never used. Registered on
Antique license plates of Pennsylvania «7100».

2000 : Sold to Rob Myers, USA.

August 2000 : Shown at the Doubletree Hotel
in Monterey for sale.

24-26 May 2002 : Displayed during the RM
Auction at Santa Monica (California), USA.
Completely original and unrestored.
Engine number on boss over stamped «1584»
instead of « 5845 ». Original engine number of
«5845» can be seen underneath upper stamping.
Still with correct internal 6/LM and gearbox « 3 ».
Under the steering column are several
scrutineering tags from the Italian Automobile
Club and various race organizers.

5 september 2002 : Sold to Jean GUIKAS,
GTC SARL, France.

Since the service of the car by the FERRARI
Factory in 1967, 5845 has been very little used
by the successive owners.
Only Mr OKADA has used the car in New York
for a very few miles and after he sold the car
in 1992, 5845 was never used again.

After a very careful inspection in September 2002,
we found 5845 to be in totally original condition,
very dirty but complete 100% with the original
engine numero interno 6LM and the original
gearbox numero interno 3. The body is
completely original with the exception of the front
lights modified by Mr OKADA. After cleaning the
fuel tanks and carburettors and a change of plugs,
the engine was running perfectly despite the
35 years without a big service.

Considering the excellent original condition of
this unrestored 250LM, we decided to restore
the car trying to keep the originality of this car.
Engine, gearbox, suspensions, brakes, fuel tanks,
radiators, dashboard, interior, electrical system
have been taken apart for major service, and
the car sent to our body shop in order to be
stripped to bare metal, removing the body from
the chassis, removing the long nose from the body
and fitting the original short nose bought in
Lugano still showing the original Scaglietti
sticker!!! and repainted in the dark red color which
was the color of the car when J.RINDT won the
Grand Prix of Austria in 1965.
Because Jean Guikas realized that the car was
never raced with the long nose but always with a
short nose, he has decided to put the car back to
the original short nose version if it was possible
to find anywhere an original Scaglietti spare
short nose - we have been very lucky to find
an original Scaglietti short nose, brand new,
never used, purchased from Scaglietti directly
by a Swiss gentleman who after seeing the
photos of the car today and in the period,
accepted to sell us his original short nose.

We gave very strict orders to our mechanic and
our body shop to keep the car completely original,
without changing any parts of the body.
Concerning the mechanical rebuilt, the engine
has being opened and the valves, valve seats,
valve guides, piston rings, bearings and all the
fuel, oil, water and brake hoses, camshafts, changed.

The car today looks exactly as it was in
Austria in 1965, not over-restored and all
the important Ferrari Collectors who saw the
car since the end of the restoration found
this car to be an example…

The restoration cost was about 250 000 EUROS
and the duration was 7 months. We have about
250 photos of the car before the restoration
(NEVER RESTORED!!!) and during the restoration.

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Reference Number 533

as of 6/4/2006

Car 1964 Ferrari 250 LM
VIN 5845  
Small Series  4 of 32 
Exterior / Interior Color      Red /      Black 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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Known History

28/06/64 Gaisberg Hillclimb - Salzburg/Austria

entered by Gotfried KÖCHERT

Driver : Gotfried KÖCHERT

July 1964 Olympia Hillclimb

entered by Gotfried KÖCHERT

Driver : Gotfried KÖCHERT

30/08/1964 Sierra-Montana Swiss Hillclimb

entered by Gotfried KÖCHERT

Driver : Gotfried KÖCHERT

Race N°1 - 19th OA

22/08/1965 Austrian Grand Prix Sports Car Race ZELTWEG,

entered by Luigi Chinetti's NART

Driver : Jochen RINDT

Race N°10 - 1st OA

26/03/1966 12H SEBRING

entered by Scuderia Bardhal

Drivers : Arthur SWANSON/Robert ENNIS

Race N°33 - 46th OA

25/04/1966 1000 Kms MONZA

entered by Arthur SWANSON

Drivers : Arthur SWANSON/Robert ENNIS

Race N°22 - DNF

08/05/1966 TARGA FLORIO

entered by Arthur SWANSON

Drivers : Arthur SWANSON/Robert ENNIS

Race N°170 - DNF

05/06/1966 1000 Kms NÜRBURGRING

entered by Arthur SWANSON

Drivers : Arthur SWANSON/Robert ENNIS

Race N°55 - DNS

18/06/1966 24H du MANS

entered by Arthur SWANSON

Drivers :Arthur SWANSON/Robert ENNIS

Race N°43 - withdrawn by the organizers

17/07/1966 500 Kms MUGELLO

entered by Arthur SWANSON

Drivers : Arthur SWANSON/Robert ENNIS

Race N° 157 - DNS

1966 - Italian Hillclimb, Race N°400

25/04/1967 1000 Kms MONZA

entered by Arthur SWANSON

Drivers : Arthur SWANSON/Robert ENNIS

Race N°40 - 13th OA, 7th in class