1929 Delage DM D6 Saloon by Gurney NuttingSOLD
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Louis Delage had previously worked at Peugeot with Augustin Legros and the company they started, in a barn on the outskirts of Paris in 1905, was an assembler of parts. With a steel chassis from Malicet et Blin and an engine supplied by De Dion-Bouton their first two cars were voiturettes. In order to publicise the cars, which were otherwise rather uninteresting, Louis Delage decided to enter them for races. A year later when they were rewarded with a second place in the Coupes des Voiturettes, only being beaten by a Sizaire-Naudin of twice the engine capacity, they were able to exploit this to the full at the 1906 Paris Salon. Orders for the cars were such that a larger factory became a priority and by the following spring the company had moved.

The demand for Delage cars continued to grow and was the marque preferred by the rich and the famous. The styling and design of the stunning cars built at the height of the 'French Style', when the Delage chassis was dressed by the best of the best, including coachbuilders Letourneur & Marchand, Henri Chapron, Marcel Pourtout and Figoni & Falaschi.

On offer today is perhaps one of the rarest interpretations of the D6 chassis. There are only a handful of Delage's bodied by Gurney Nutting. This beautiful 4 door saloon has coach work finished in blue vinyl with contrasting black roof, bonnet and running boards.

This important motor car was part of a significant Belgian collection for the last 30 years and as you would expect, is in excellent condition having benefited from a professional restoration by the owner over a number of years. The fastidious owner has an eye for detail; the blue vinyl coach work has been restored using vinyl which has the exact same pattern as used on the original. Interestingly the roof is finished in black leather as in period which is rarely seen on motor cars, indeed he had great trouble finding a cow big enough to fit on the back of the roof.

The 3.2 litre straight 6 engine is in fine condition and starts on the button. The interior boasts a partition between driver and passengers with all wood veneer being of the highest quality with the partition featuring a fold down table, occasional seats and sliding glass divider. Fine black leather seats are found up front with the rear seats finished in cloth. Again the owner went to great lengths to find the original cloth pattern as used in period. The car is supplied with Belgian and UK registration documents. A very interesting and unusual French/English interpretation of a large limousine, competing in period and now with the finest of English manufacturers.

Reference Number 5384

as of 12/12/2006

Car 1929 Delage DM D6 Saloon by Gurney Nutting
VIN 21655 
Exterior / Interior Color      Blue /      Black 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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