1938 Horch 853 CabrioletSOLD
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After working with Karl Benz for a couple of years, August Horch started producing cars under his own name as August Horch & Co in 1899. In those early years, Horch engineered many ground breaking designs, including a friction clutch and shaft-driven rear wheels in lieu of chains. Production of Horch models continued, and in 1926 the Horch Company introduced a new model powered by a straight eight engine. This power plant would form the base of the Horch Company's most famous designs to come.
In the following several years the Horch eight cylinder engine grew in size and displaced just under 5 litres by 1935. This 100 bhp engine made its debut in the Horch '850' series. The shorter wheelbase '853' model was especially popular among Germany's rich and famous. It offered 'Mercedes Benz luxury' at a very competitive price.

In 1932, financial problems forced Horch to sell Audi, which joined the Horch Company, DKW (Das Kleine Wunder), and Wanderer as Auto Union. All four manufacturers continued production of road cars independently but jointly backed the Auto Union racers. Some of the racing car technology made its way onto the recently introduced '853' chassis. Most evident was the rear suspension, which consisted of an exotic DeDion axle.

To keep up with the competition, Horch introduced the '853 A' model in 1937, fitted with a more powerful 120 bhp version of the straight eight engine. Production lasted until the outbreak of World War II. Today the '853' and '853 A' are considered some of the finest cars constructed in the 1930's and can be regularly seen in Concours d'Elegances all over the world.

Horch offered both completed cars and rolling chassis to be bodied by coachbuilders. Of Horch's own creations, the featured Sport Cabriolet is the most exclusive.

This car is well known in Horch circles in Europe and will certainly be welcomed to many meetings and rallyies where this rare and most elegant car is invited to. The car comes of course with relevant German paperwork and the important H- registration.

Reference Number 5386

as of 12/12/2006

Car 1938 Horch 853 Cabriolet
VIN 853024 
Exterior / Interior Color      Grey 
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Known History

This Horch 853 Cabriolet was thoroughly restored from 1999 to 2002 by leading German Horch specialist and the result is as one would expect with a no expense spared restoration. With fine attention to detail in all respects and having a nearly 100 % complete car to restore, the finished product is to the highest standard and has only softly mellowed during the nearly 5 years it was used by its owner. The 25 page expert report that was done in May 2002 reckoned this vehicle to be in condition 1 and rightly so. The vendor used this majestic Teutonic Cabriolet, once preferred by movie stars, politicians and playboys, to participate in various historical rally's and club meetings and recently drove it some 500 kms after a cylinder head overhaul back to his home - trouble free of course.