1989 Austin Mini MokeSOLD

From the Haynes Motor Museum, 1700 miles

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Registration No: G113DPE Engine No: CC: Colour: Cinnabar Red Trim Colour: MOT: None

Reference Number 53869

as of 10/9/2009

Car 1989 Austin Mini Moke
VIN TW7XKFP328S782200 
Mileage 1,731 miles 
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Known History

With the laudable intention of providing a lightweight scout vehicle for the British Army, BMC inadvertently created one of the swinging sixties most iconic vehicles - who can forget those fringed and tasselled Mini Mokes driving around `The Village' carrying out duties such as taxi, ambulance, hearse, bomb-disposal vehicle and election campaign bus during episodes of The Prisoner. Lack of ground clearance made it ineffective as a military tool, yet the civilian version carved itself a niche as a cult mass-produced `beach buggy' for nations with hotter climes than Britain. Running gear was shared with the basic Mini, and initial production was at Cowley, before moving to Longbridge. Between 1964-'68, 14500 Mokes were built in the UK, but only 10\% stayed in Britain. 26000 were made in Australia between 1966-'81. A further 10000 were built in Portugal from 1980-'93 when production ended. Portugese production allowed the Moke to rationalise components with the then-current Mini mk4, and included the fitment of disc brakes and 12" wheels. In a final ironic twist, Rover Group, as BMC had by then become, sold the Moke business to Cagiva for production in Italy, but the motorbike maker only built around 1500 between 1990-'93.


Finished in Cinnabar Red with black upholstery, this particular example was manufactured in 1987 and originally intended for use on the Canary Islands (hence its right-hand drive specification). UK road registered during 1989 but yet to be driven on the public highway, the 1,731 miles recorded on its odometer have apparently been accrued whilst running around the Museum's grounds. On static display when not in use, `G113 DPF' is described by the vendor as being in "good" condition with regard to its engine, four-speed manual gearbox, electrical equipment, interior trim, bodywork and paintwork. However, we are informed that proper recommissioning is advisable albeit the four-seater will be submitted for MOT testing prior to the sale. A Portuguese built car and so benefiting from front disc brakes, this low mileage Moke has charm aplenty.


PLEASE NOTE: Since the printed catalogue went to press we have been contacted by David John of Forest Automotive to say that he had this Lot converted from left- to right-hand drive prior to supplying it new to the Haynes Museum. The Moke was part of a batch initially destined for Las Palmas but which Mr John acquired when the order was cancelled (hence its left-hand drive '328' chassis prefix and need for conversion).


PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle does not have an MOT, reasons for failure were lighting, tyres and emissions.