1924 Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP Silver Ghost Picadilly RoadsterSOLD
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The Silver Ghost, introduced in 1907, was the rock on which the foundations of the greatest automobile brand name was built. World demand in the immediate aftermath of the Great War of 1914-1918, stimulated by the sterling performance of these cars in all theatres of the war in their use as high speed, reliable courier cars, transportation for high ranking officers, ambulances and armoured cars, was such that the company was unable to increase production whilst maintaining the high standards demanded by Henry Royce.

We are proud to offer this magnificent and highly original Piccadilly Roadster to the market direct from a UK based private collection. A most important part of pre war Rolls Royce history, these cars were built with quality of paramount importance. The vendor advises us that there were only four cars of this type built by Miramac and only three are known to survive. Of them, this is the most original. These cars were originally purchased by heads of industry and powerful men that included an American president, Swiss bankers and of course the Campbell soup family. Made without compromise, the Silver Ghost was the pinnacle of luxury, pre-war motoring.

In today's world of pre-war motoring, the vintage sports car is all too often a car that has been rebodied or molested in some way or another. The discovery of a totally original example of such a world famous machine is therefore something of a landmark, an endangered species if you will. To have the opportunity to purchase a car with such a special and well documented history is one that should be acted upon, especially when you consider the incredible originality of the body, detailing and engine.

Reference Number 5395

as of 12/12/2006

Car 1924 Rolls-Royce 40/50 HP Silver Ghost Picadilly Roadster
VIN 385 LF 
Exterior / Interior Color      Ivory /      Dark Red 
Registration RY 4116 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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Known History

Chassis 385 LF was supplied on 23rd December, 1924 to Mr E.R. Campbell, a member of the famous Campbell soup family. The car remained within the family until 1st January, 1927 when it was purchased by Mr Henry McDonald of Forest Hills, Long Island. Mr McDonald enjoyed the car for the following 19 years, as the records show, the next owner is shown as Mr David Felix of Philadelphia in 1946.


The originality of this car is simply exquisite with all the fixtures and fittings present and correct. The headlamp lenses still bear the original 'Bausch and Lomb' casting marks, the grille is of the correct honeycomb design, the accessory lamps still feature the 'RR' emblem and the nickel plating has a wonderful patina to it. The lamp supports retain their makers stamp and patent number and even the fuse box has the original bakelite cover. Upon inspection of the immaculately presented engine bay, it is immediately evident that all the numbers and stampings are present and where they should be, even the six blade fan is rotated by the correct fabric and rivet drive belt.


The instrumentation is all correct as are the Rolls Royce Custom Coachwork plates which display the body number M1113 on the bottom of the wings. A Right Hand Drive example finished in Old English White with Burgundy leather hide, the vendor has advised us that the vehicle has a high speed back axle ratio fitted making touring an even more pleasurable experience.