1942 Ford GPW JeepSOLD

1942 Ford GPW Jeep

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Registration No: 686 NEV Engine No: 321625 CC: 1962 Colour: Green Trim Colour: Green MOT: Dec 2009

Reference Number 53952

as of 10/10/2009

Car 1942 Ford GPW Jeep
VIN 168284 
Mileage 12,083 miles 
Known History

The `GP' for General Purpose, a.k.a. the Jeep, became an icon of WW2 through its ubiquity, versatility and durability. But behind the scenes much had been done to ensure the Jeep was a `universal soldier' available to assist the allied army traverse hostile continents. The general specification called for adaptability and simplicity. Willys' own 2.2 litre `Go Devil' motor was chosen, its 60bhp and 3-speeds proving ideally rugged for the experience. It is well documented that the name either derives from the Popeye character Eugene the Jeep (who could go anywhere), or from a slurring / bastardising of the letters `GP' over time. One 1942 publication rather unhelpfully defines the term thus: "A Jeep is a four-wheel drive vehicle of 0.5 to 1.5 ton capacity and occasionally refers to other motor vehicles (U.S.A.) in the Air Corps, the Link Trainer; in the armored forces, the 0.5-ton command vehicle". Often, the humour of squaddies meant the little truck's title was deciphered as `Just Enough Essential Parts'.


Finished in army-standard khaki green, this particular example is described by the vendor as being in "fair" condition with regard to its engine, gearbox, electrical equipment, interior trim, bodywork and paintwork. Entering the current family ownership some eighteen years ago, `686 NEV' was reportedly taken to various shows but has otherwise seen little use. Treated to new brake shoes when submitted for MOT testing last year, the Ford shows an unwarranted 12,083 miles to its odometer. The 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings was commemorated earlier this year and deservedly so. The Jeep stands as a memorial to all those who gave their lives for a free world during that conflict.


PLEASE NOTE: The registration on this vehicle is 686 NEV and not as stated in the catalogue.