1963 Ferrari 250 GT/LSOLD
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Ferrari put the final exclamation point on its long running 250 GT series at the Paris Motor Show of October 1962, when it unveiled the 250 GT/L.  With the designation L standing for Lusso, Italian for luxury, the all new bodied 250 promised to be a pinnacle of performance and sophistication.  Arguably the first true GT car of the 250 series, the elegant Lusso was clothed in a spectacular body penned by Pininfarina and constructed by Scaglietti.  To this day, the Lusso is regarded by tifosi and automotive enthusiasts in general as one of the most timeless and beautiful sports car designs of all time.  With a limited production run of approximately 350 examples through the end of 1964, this was also a car whose rarity would ultimately complement its good looks.  Borrowing from concurrent competition models, the Lusso featured several innovations that were previously unavailable in Ferrari road cars.  The model’s rear axle and shocks were derived from the lauded GTO race car, and the cockpit featured true bucket seats and a brand new instrument panel that placed the tachometer and speedometer in large round gauges at the center of the dash, a layout unique to the Lusso.  Mechanically, the Lusso featured the same SOHC 2,953 cc Colombo V-12 that was present in most 250 models, a powerplant that produced 250 bhp at 7,000 rpm.  Capable of 150 mph and yet appointed with an elegant interior of supple leather and fine Italian diamond stitching, the Lusso was undoubtedly the Prancing Horse’s finest GT car of the 1960s (and perhaps ever), and led some proponents to proclaim it to be a touring version of the GTO. This fine Lusso is one of the earliest production examples of the model, the 14<sup>th</sup> example overall (including 2 prototypes), and the third such car produced in the first full year of production, 1963.  In 1968, Stewart Hook of Oakland, California bought this car and kept it until 1988, when Tom Byrnes of Ross, California acquired the car and shortly thereafter set about freshening it, engaging the respected Phil Reilly & Company of Corte Madera, California to conduct a thorough restoration.  Mr. Reilly rebuilt significant components of the powertrain, dismantling the carburetors, removing the transmission, and disassembling the motor and rear axle.  New bearings, manifold castings, seals, and a new generator belt, fuel pump and solenoid were all installed.  Mr. Reilly also adjusted the rear brake calipers, the gearshift assembly and the flywheel, rebuilt the Koni shocks and added new Borrani wire wheels.  The most significant element of Mr. Reilly’s work, however, lay in a modification he made to the carburetors.  As requested by Mr. Byrnes, Mr. Reilly removed the 3 twin-choke Weber carburetors and installed a 6-carb set-up identical to the induction system of the superlative 250 GTO racecar.  A desirable and not entirely uncommon modification, this configuration can be found in a small handful of Lussos that were modified for competition, generally known as the Lusso Competizione models.  This GTO-spec carburetion system increased horsepower to a formidable 295 bhp, a gain of 45 horses.   In 1999, Mr. Byrnes sold his beautiful Lusso to Ray Thompson of Tennessee, who kept the car for 8 years before selling it to Bruce Trenery of California.  Exclusive Motorcars acquired this Lusso in mid-2007 and immediately commissioned a comprehensive restoration.  Lucas, a respected Ferrari specialist and onetime proprietor of Tiamo Motorcars, has been retained to restore all structural, mechanical and cosmetic components.  Lucas’s work has included significant freshening to the engine, transmission and rear axle, all of which have incurred only 4,000 miles since the car’s first restoration.  Lucas additionally rebuilt the GTO-spec carburetors, adjusted and refinished the valves, rebuilt the suspension, and replaced all seals and gaskets.  He has also reassembled the door handles and headlamps, all chrome and glass, and cleaned, freshened and sealed the undercarriage, elevating the car to the highest cosmetic standards and rendering this Lusso as presentable as it is driveable.   
No expense has been spared in the recent restoration of this Ferrari, as hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent in the acquisition and installation of correct parts, including a Lusso exhaust system, new Koni rear shocks, and proper Marchal headlamps.  This Lusso has been restored with attention to every minute detail, right down to the use of Pirelli radiator hose stickers and Scaglietti hood bumpers.  In addition to the meticulous sourcing of parts, this Ferrari benefits from the highest level of craftsmanship in its restoration.  Coachcraft of Fillmore, California has been retained to address general body considerations, including refitting various panels as needed, and painting and color sanding the exterior surface in the lovely, factory-original shade of Blue Sera.  De La Torre Classic & Antiques of North Hollywood, California has re-plated all chrome trim, and Rau Automotive Woodwork of Los Angeles has refinished the elegant wood rimmed steering wheel.  Additionally, the car’s interior and trunk have been sumptuously reupholstered and re-carpeted to original specifications.  No expense has been spared and no detail overlooked in the restoration of this dashing Ferrari 250 GT/L.  Offered here at a highly competitive value, this resplendent Lusso is a perfectly restored, numbers matching example that is equally prepared for exhibition or the spirited driving experience for which the marque is famed.

Reference Number 54278

as of 10/12/2009

Car 1963 Ferrari 250 GT/L
VIN 4373 
Mileage 43,230 miles 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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