1973 Lotus Elan S4 Drophead - LHDSOLD
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Launched at the 1962 London Motor Show, at the Elan`s heart was a rigid backbone chassis so good that it has formed the basis of all Lotus models since. Independent suspension under a light and outstandingly pretty glassfibre body ensured nimble handling with racing car feel and responses, while soft springing also provided an excellent ride - a combination allowing the Elan numerous track successes in little modified form; brakes were disc all round with centre-lock wheels. The engine, initially 1,498cc but soon increased to 1,558cc, was a four cylinder twin-cam unit; through twin Weber 40DCE carburettors, it produced 105bhp at 5,500rpm and, via a close ratio gearbox, powered the diminutive Elan to 112mph and 0-60mph in 9 seconds. For November 1964, the S2 Elan appeared with larger front brake callipers, revised rear lights and full width wood facia, while the fixed-head S3 followed in October `65.

This delightful S4 model, a rare sight in left hand drive configuration, is described by the vendor as in excellent condition throughout. An eminently usable Lotus.

Questo delizioso modello S4, raro da vedersi con la guida a sinistra, viene descritto dal venditore essere in condizioni complessive eccellenti.

Una altamente fruibile Lotus.

Reference Number 54626

as of 10/14/2009

Car 1973 Lotus Elan S4 Drophead - LHD
VIN 7002050052G 
Transmission Manual Shift