Mercedes-Benz 220SEb “Fintail” Sedan (W111)Asking Price
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The best bumper is made of solid stainless steel grade 304, 1.5- 2mm thickness and polished. Back side of bumper is covered by 3 painted coats to protect bumper from chemicals, weather elements. And these paint coats will make back side more smoothly, and wonderfully.

The gloss of bumper is shiny like mirror polish, even better than chrome bumpers.

These bumpers will be never rusty. And the bumpers are duplicated from original sample bumper for fitting, shape, dimension etc...

Especially, we produce as Customers’ order with specify Item with stainless steel 304

Additional, we also process metal such as Aluminum, Zinc, Copper …

Do not wait any more, kindly contact Ms. Jessi at for more information.

I am honored to serve customers around the world.

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as of 5/5/2019


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Car Mercedes-Benz 220SEb “Fintail” Sedan (W111)
Condition Very Good 
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