1932 Invicta 12/45 TourerSOLD

Grandes Marques Auction, MECC, Maastricht NL, Saturday 13th January 2007

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Sold: Ç51,750

The Invicta Car Co, so well known for the Low Chassis 4.5 litre S type sports car, suffered the same financial constraints in the 1930's Depression, as other small luxury car makers. In 1932 they conceived the 12/45 model, in an effort to improve finances. The Factory proved incapable of building down, so the smaller Invicta shared many major components - and luxury details, with the larger cars - notably a braking system, and the low style chassis with under slung rear end, but only two thirds the weight. With all the looks of a true Invicta right down to the iconic bonnet rivets!

The car offered today, bought by the Vendor in 1998 had stood, totally unused, in a cool dry garage since 1949!

A seven year restoration commenced, completed in Spring 2006. By careful redesign of the cooling system, oil filtration, head to block clamping, breathing, and achieving a modern compression ratio through pistons with specially designed crowns the common problems of over heating that can occur with pre- war cars have been resolved.

This comprehensive upgrading results in a reliable, free revving, cool running engine, worthy of the Small Invicta's looks, handling, and above all, excellent brakes. With some 70bhp at the rear wheels, and weighing around 1100kg, the vehicle has proved well able to hold its own while covering 2500 miles on the road, and competing in hill climbs, at VSCC Wiscombe Park, Loton Park, and Prescott, during the 2006 season.

The chassis and running gear needed no more than careful rebuilding, to prove how right were pre-war reports of the car's road manners and braking system. Doubling the original power output, has allowed use of a higher axle ratio, and comfortable cruising at 100kph or more. Comprehensive files of historical documents, drawings, sketches and designs for some of the modifications, accompany the car. The original heavy steel wings and skirts, removed to save 85kg, and improve aerodynamics, remain with the car.

Having successfully completed the vendor's goal of restoring this rare and important pre- war Touring Invicta, it is once again ready for rally or competition use in the many events this vehicle is eligible for.

Reference Number 5509

as of 12/22/2006

Car 1932 Invicta 12/45 Tourer