1921 Hispano-Suiza H6B Tourer by Flood of MelbourneSOLD

Grandes Marques Auction, MECC, Maastricht NL, Saturday 13th January 2007

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Estimate: €200,000-250,000

Sold: €190,000

The company Hispano-Suiza, meaning literally 'Spanish-Swiss', was formed in 1904 after the failure of a previous company building the Castro Car. The new firm was to build cars in Barcelona to the designs of the great Swiss engineer, Marc Birkigt.

In 1911 a branch was established in France, close to Paris, initially, purely as an assembly factory for the Spanish manufactured cars, but it was from the French plant that a new model appeared in 1919. That model was the great H6B. This was the model which more than anything established the marque's reputation for engineering excellence and high performance.

The new car featured a lazy 6 ½ litre six cylinder engine which was in effect one half of Hispano's 12 cylinder Aero engine. This provided the model with all the power it needed, and when coupled to the cars excellent road holding capabilities and the state of the art servo braking system it put the car into a class of its own.

The use of aircraft technology in the car's mechanical components ensured not only a good power-to-weight ratio and excellent performance but also enviable reliability which guaranteed the model a fine reputation as a dependable and trouble-free high quality touring car. The reviewer in the Autocar test of 1920 stated that "this new Hispano-Suiza is more than capable of holding its own among the world's best".

Not surprisingly, it served as the favourite mode of transport for European royalty, heads of state, Hollywood stars and industry leaders.

Chassis 10420 is one of 2158 H6 chassis produced of all types and one of just 146 believed to survive world wide. This magnificent tourer was bodied by Flood in Melbourne, Australia and, finished in black with polished wheel rims, boasts not only the finest instrumentation and electric lighting of the day but bodywork finished to the most beautifully finished standard. Having been restored in the mid 1960s by the company that built the coachwork originally; it has seen extensive use by the vendor on rallies in Europe from 1987 to 2001. More recently it won an impressive 3rd prize at the 2004 German Concours d'Elegance in DŸsseldorf

The car is supplied with a file of paperwork including correspondence and copies of articles in which the car featured. This majestic automobile is a wonderful representative of the very best luxury touring cars of the 1920s, a survivor from an exclusive era where quality and refinement was rarely seen in more abundance. This is truly, a car fit for a King.

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Car 1921 Hispano-Suiza H6B Tourer by Flood of Melbourne
VIN 10420