1939 Nimbus 750ccSOLD

Grandes Marques Auction, MECC, Maastricht NL, Saturday 13th January 2007

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Estimate: Ç0-0

Nimbus motorcycles were produced in Denmark between 1920 and 1957 by Fisker and Nielsen, curiously also the manufacturer of Nilfisk vacuum cleaners.
There were two basic models both with a 750 cc four cylinder engine, mounted inline. The first was manufactured during the 1920s, and had both front and rear wheel springing and a very characteristic spine frame giving birth to its nickname "The Stovepipe". The later model C also known as "the bumblebee" was produced in large numbers from 1934 onwards. It had a completely new designed overhead valve and overhead engine and a frame made from steel bars instead of the metal tubing found in most motorcycles of the period.

Apart from BMW, it was the first motorcycle to have telescopic forks. Many of these machines saw service with the Danish postal service, army, and police. Few were exported, and they are a rare sight these days.

This 750cc machine, has been dry stored for many years having formed part of a large motorcycle collection, it remains in mainly original condition and comes with a side car frame but no chair.

Reference Number 5518

as of 12/22/2006

Car 1939 Nimbus 750cc
VIN 4436 
Exterior / Interior Color      Red 
Registration French registered 
Configuration Central Steering