1939 Zündapp KS601SOLD

Grandes Marques Auction, MECC, Maastricht NL, Saturday 13th January 2007

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In 1935 Zundapp introduced the KS500 model, or Kardan Sport 500. Kardan referred to the U-joints on the shaft drive and sport referred to the new overhead valve motor which produced 24 HP at 5200 Rpm. Like the KS601, these motors had cast iron cylinders, aluminium heads and valve covers, with a carburettor on each cylinder drawing air through a single filter beneath the upper engine cover. Also, these were the first Uncaps available with a foot shifter.

In 1938 the KS600 was brought into production. The cylinders shared a single carb but the motor developed 28 HP despite that. 18,000 KS600's were built between 1938 and 1940 with most going to the armed forces. These bikes retained the girder front suspension, apparently with friction dampers although air/oil shocks were played with at some earlier point.

The later Zundapp KS601 had many advanced features for motorcycles of the day including shaft drive via a novel duplex chain drive transmission, telescopic front forks and rear mounted shock absorbers, unlike the earlier 'hard tail' bikes. They were considered by many to be technically superior to their contemporaries and soon earned a reputation for endurance and reliability.

This fine example has been part of a collection for many years and as such has been in storage with little use, it remains in good mainly original condition.

Reference Number 5521

as of 12/22/2006

Car 1939 Zündapp KS601
VIN 553473