1959 Triumph TR3 ASOLD

Grandes Marques Auction, MECC, Maastricht NL, Saturday 13th January 2007

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Estimate: €10,000-14,000

Sold: €16,204

In October 1955 the TR2 was replaced by the TR3, essentially the same as the TR2 but now with 95bhp courtesy of larger SU carburettors and inlet ports; visually it differed in having an egg box grille, stainless steel strips along body panel joins and the option of an occasional rear seat. The only mechanical change occurred between late 1955 and mid-1956 when the 'high-port' cylinder head was fitted, raising power to 100bhp at 5,000rpm.

In Autumn 1956 the adoption of front disc brakes made the TR3 the first ever British series production car to have these fitted as standard; at the same time the rear drum brakes were enlarged and a stronger rear axle was introduced with taper roller bearings.

The final model change came in summer 1957 with the TR3A. Mechanically identical to the TR3, it differed visually in having a full width grille, slightly recessed headlamps, exterior door handles and a lockable boot handle; in 1959, however, split disc brake callipers were introduced together with smaller diameter rear drums. Production of the popular TR3A finally ended in 1961.

This Dutch registered car from 1959 comes with a history file containing bills for over

30,000 Euros worth of work. This remedial restoration work includes a re paint and a re build of the original engine, a new hood and fitment of a new black interior. Fitted with painted wire wheels the car was imported from the USA and shows some 83,276 miles.

Described as being in good general order, the car is reported to drive well.

Reference Number 5536

as of 12/22/2006

Car 1959 Triumph TR3 A
VIN TS38695L