2005 Ferrari P4 Berlinetta RecreationSOLD

AutoSport 2007 Auction, The NEC - Birmingham UK, Saturday 13th January 2007

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Estimate: £35,000-45,000

Sold: £29,000

This breathtaking P4 recreation was built by Neil Foreman who began construction in 2003. The car was completed with full SVA approval in May 2005. Neil Foreman was initially registered as the first owner purely in order to obtain SVA Approval. The engine was very carefully selected and was eventually taken from a Ferrari 400GT auto which was purchased specifically for that sole purpose. This donor Ferrari, registration number HLH 142T was a 1978 model with a proven recorded 50,000 miles. This donor Ferrari was selected as not only did it have a full service history to prove the low mileage of the engine but it also had the rare carburetor equipped GT engine. The GT engine was rare with only 127 Ferrari 400GT's ever made and they had a reputation for being very reliable, even when subject to hard use and high revs. This was very important for the fuel injected engine is not so attractive aesthetically when compared to the carburetor fed engine. The attention to detail on the engine has been meticulous. For example, the filters to the air trumpets on the carburetors were hand made from the finest brass gauze wire in order that they would colour match exactly the brass used by Weber in the construction of the carburetors.

The engine was removed from the Ferrari, stripped and completely rebuilt over a period of 6 months by Vincenzo Mezzulo. All parts used in the rebuild were purchased from Maranello. Vince worked for 27 years at Maranello where he specialised on working on older Ferraris. His knowledge is unrivalled and the quality of his workmanship is very high indeed. He advised, for example, that the original Sodium filled valves should be replaced during the total engine rebuild as they had a poor reputation for reliability at higher speeds. Thus the valves were indeed replaced. The engine has been very carefully run in since the rebuild was completed in 2005 and was fully serviced by Vince in January 2006. Since that service, the engine has only covered some 1,000 miles and to date, the car has covered a total of just 2,098 miles. 100% of all the components used in the construction of the car are brand new; no reconditioned parts of any nature were used in the construction of this special beast with the exception only of the engine. It has been designed as a faithful duplicate rather than just a replica. Where possible, the car has been improved upon the original. For example the gearbox in the car is a brand new 6 speed gearbox purchased from Getrag, and in fact Porsche use the exact same 6 speed Getrag gearbox in their current 997. The brakes are brand new and are cross drilled, ventilated and are designed to stop vehicles that weigh far more than the 970 kilos that the car has actually been weighed in at. The engine generates approximately 350bhp, a conservative estimate particularly when the benefits of the hand made semi-straight through exhausts are considered. The seats for the car were hand made using Connolly hide. The steering wheel is as used by Ferrari. The car also has air conditioning, the same unit as used by Ferrari in the F40. This air conditioning unit is light, does not take much power from the engine and is very effective in the cockpit area. Regarding safety, the vehicle is very strong indeed with a full space frame chassis designed and built by Neil Foreman. The fuel tank is a competition cell giving greater safety in the event of any collision. There is a fully automated professional fire extinguisher system built into the vehicle with 3 separate outlets in the engine compartment. The system in manufactured by Safety Devices who specialize in the design and supply of fire extinguisher systems to race car designers throughout the World.

The clutch is a high quality brand new unit supplied by Sachs. The exhaust system was hand made for the engine and is made from stainless steel with the final 4 exhaust pipes painted with white Sperex as used by Ferrari originally. The windscreen was hand made and is glass not Perspex. With over £100,000 spent to date on what is arguable the finest P3 recreation ever made, this must represent a rare opportunity to acquire something that will surely see you expire with fright and desire far before you ever reach the limits of its performance.

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as of 1/2/2007

Car 2005 Ferrari P4 Berlinetta Recreation