1983 Porsche 956 C 956SOLD

102 The John Fitzpatrick Racing, 5th Overall 24 hours of Le Mans 1983

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Estimate: ú180,000-200,000

Sold: ú185,000

Porsche's involvement with sports car racing goes back to the early 1950's when they took part in events with road cars. Throughout the rest of the 1950s and into the 1960's Porsche developed more race breed machinery with much success in their class. It was not until the 908, and then the 917 models that Porsche was a regular threat for overall honours at every event. However, when that time came the success was enormous. Throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s they built on this reputation, and the Porsche challenger for the new 'Group C' rules was eagerly awaited.

The Group C regulations for endurance sports car racing put the emphasis on fuel consumption and Porsche's response was the 956. This was an all new model with a central monocoque fitted with a twin turbocharged, 2.6 litre, water/air cooled, four valve per cylinder, flat six engine which was similar to that of the 936; itself a Le Mans winner; producing some 600bhp. The body work was constructed from carbon fibre/kevlar, close attention was paid to the aerodynamics featuring 'ground effect' and the result was a very purposeful looking car.

The car was an instant success. Initially campaigned exclusively by the factory, the new model finished first, second and third at Le Mans and secured the World Endurance Championship for Porsche. The car was available for the use of customers into 1983 and the domination continued with 956's in the top eight places and tenth at Le Mans, a result mirrored in 1984 with the first eight places.

On offer today is chassis 956-102, the first customer car, delivered on 15th December 1982 to John Fitzpatrick Racing for the 1983 World Endurance Championship. The first outing was at Zolder in March 1983 where it finished in second place with John Fitzpatrick at the wheel. Another two races followed with a 5th and an 8th place, again with John and David Hobbs piloting.

Le Mans followed with a superb 5th place overall behind the works Rothmans Porsches. Other highlights of the season was a fastest lap time at the Monza 1000km. 956-102 was campaigned by John Fitzpatrick racing in 1984 with a third at the Silverstone 1000km and second at Diepholz. The car was entered into Le Mans once again, hoping to emulate the success of the previous year but the car failed to finish.

In December 1988 Dr Brunn purchased the car where it was completed overhauled, with the restoration finishing in 1997. The work was carried out regardless of cost and was thoroughly shaken down on several race tracks including Nurburgring, Dijon, Spa and Paul Ricard.

The body and ground effect floor are built to the latest factory specifications of the 956 short tail version. The 2.6 litre flat six engine is reported to be the best of its series and has a similar response to the late 962 engines due to the improved turbo chargers. Handling is described as being very good due to the short wheel base and full ground effect floor. Safety has improved with the front end having been strengthened to 962 specifications. All parts used on the vehicle were bought direct from the factory. In 2000 the car was campaigned successfully by Philip Brunn in the Group C category. 956-102 is currently with its third owner has recently had a full survey and report carried out by specialist Tim Samways. The car is reported to be in good order with the correct Porsche braking system fitted, no cracks in the exhaust manifold and all body work in very good order. The car is supplied with the full survey, various invoices for work carried out and a bill of sale. This fine example is on the button and ready to be raced and is a very important car that would be a wonderful addition to a collection or a very competitive proposal for the Historic Group C series.

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as of 1/2/2007

Car 1983 Porsche 956 C 956
VIN 956 - 102 
Known History

Results for 956-102


20/03/83 DRM Zolder 2nd

10/04/83 1000km Monza 5th

08/05/83 1000km Silverstone 8th

19/06/83 24 Hour Le Mans 5th

03/07/83 DRM Norisring DNF

03/07/83 Norisring Trophae 4th

02/10/83 1000km Fuji DNS

10/12/83 1000km Kyalami 6th


02/84 1000km Monza DNF

13/05/84 1000km Silverstone 3rd

17/06/84 24 Hour Le Mans DNF

30/06/84 Norisring Trophae ST

01/07/84 DRM Norisring 9th

15/07/84 1000km Nurburgring DNS

22/07/84 DRM Diepholz 2nd

29/07/84 1000km Brands Hatch 6th

05/08/84 1000km Mosport DNS

02/09/84 1000km Spa DNF

16/09/84 1000km Imola 8th

23/09/84 DRM Nurburgring DNP

30/09/84 1000km Fuji DNA

02/12/84 1000km Sandown Park 9th

28/04/85 1000km Monza 11th

12/05/85 1000km Silverstone DNF

14/07/85 1000km Hockenheim DNA