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AutoSport 2007 Auction, The NEC - Birmingham UK, Saturday 13th January 2007

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Sold: 30,000

During the late fifties, single seat racing was subject to an engineering revolution which all other forms of motor sport would follow. Specifically it was the 1958 Cooper Type 43 in hands of Stirling Moss which would motivate this revolution by beating the much more powerful Ferraris. The not-so-secret advantage was the Cooper's engine layout. It placed the engine in behind the driver, in the rear of the car.

After the Cooper debuted and won at the 1958 Argentinean Grand Prix, It was Ferrari's time to play catch up. It took two years until Ferrari debuted the 1960 version of the 246 which featured the Cooper's engine layout. The two year gap may have seemed long, but changing from the tried and traditional path was not Enzo Ferrari's way.

The most important individual responsible for adapting Ferrari to the mid-engine layout was Carlos Chiti. He not only convinced Enzo use rear-mounted engines in F1, but in his road cars as well. In spring of 1960, Chiti began working on these new cars. With the help of Richie Ginther, Chiti finished the 156 F1 and 246 SP. Both had rear-mounted engines and both were ready for the 1961 season.

As many people are aware the iconic motor cars of the period are few are far between .

Especially Ferrari's based on Enzo's own personal view that the cars we of no use oncehis drivers had raced them , most of them like the sharknose , were destroyed or developed into the future models.

Due to the rarity and values of genuine works cars , many enthusiasts and collectors have recreated such cars to fullfill a long held dream of the driving experience and ownership of such iconic cars.

This Ferrari has been recreated based on Phil Hill's Ferrari 196SP from the 60s .

The running gear on the replica is genuine ferrrari ( 328 ) which has then beed rebidied in the period style of the famous sports racer.

Commisioned by Ferrari enthusiast and guitar legend Mr Chris Rea, this recreation has been enjoyed the Chris himself over recent years.

With its reliable and very tractable Ferrari 328 chassis and running gear mated to its alluminium lightweight bodywork , this makes a truly a early 1960's driving experience.

Whether your seeking a 196 or amix or motoring and music memorabilia , this really is a value for money option for a head turning motor car.

The car is on offer with current MOT and V5 document

Reference Number 5630

as of 1/2/2007

Car Ferrari The Chris Rea 196 SP Dino