1974 Ford Capri RS 3100SOLD

AutoSport 2007 Auction, The NEC - Birmingham UK, Saturday 13th January 2007

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Estimate: £10,500-12,500

Sold: £9,200

1973 had not been a good year for Ford in the European Touring Car championship. After two years at the top the highly acclaimed RS2600 had found its nemesis in the form of BMW's advanced 3.0 litre CSL. The new aerodynamic package worn by the Bavarian battleships knocked a massive 15 seconds off the previous lap times at the daunting Nurburgring, and provided much needed stability at high speed. Consequently in September 1973 Ford's Advanced Vehicle Operation received approval to build the second RS Capri - the Capri RS3100. Less than 250 hand assembled cars left the factory. Based on the previous RS2600, the immediate differences were the tall 'ducktail' rear spoiler and the fact that these homologation specials were fitted with an over-bored Essex 3000 V6 producing 148 bhp from 3,091cc. In road form the package resulted in staggering performance for the day: a top speed of speed of 124mph and 0-60mph acceleration in just 8 sec. Ford's newly designed front and rear spoilers (homolgated by producing over 100 equally equipped road cars) reduced the coefficient of drag to 0.37, which with the racing version of the 3.1 Essex engine (bored out to 3.4 and pushing out 415 bhp in Weslake trim), Ford again had an answer to stem the onward flow of BMW's competition onslaught. The 1974 ETCC Season saw Ford take the Division 1 spoils from BMW by a massive 59 points despite being just piped at the post in Division 2 to the Germans by a mere 2 points. The rest is history. With the full circle drawn, RS Capris are featuring again in international motosport - as a new generation of competitors once again experience their awesome potential in historic event.

For the very few remaining road cars, a palette of seven different colours, Daytona Yellow, Sebring Red, Diamond White, Modena Green, Olympic Blue, Stardust Silver and Marine Blue were accented by distinctive triple coachlines in Gold. Of the 248 cars produced, 22 cars were registered by Ford internal use and some six of these became Press cars. The car on sale today is one of the latter. Authenticated by Len Pierce, the Registrar of the RS Capri Owners Club, this highly original Sebring Red (Orange) RS3100 is offered in pampered and unmolested condition. When originally offered for sale in 1974 at a hefty £2450.00, the RS3100 was nearly £800.00 more than the Executive 3000E, and as the sales of the RS3100 were overshadowed by the launch of the MkII Capri in early 1974 it is no wonder that this car is one of the rarest homologation specials of the 1970s ever! With racing versions commanding in excess of £100K and so few road versions left in existence, this rare opportunity should reward the shrewd investor handsomely in the coming years as these cars 'come of age' in the collector car marketplace.

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Car 1974 Ford Capri RS 3100