1967 Jaguar 340SOLD

1967 Jaguar 340

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Registration No: RDM543F Engine No: 7J0492-8 CC: 3442 Colour: White Trim Colour: Red MOT: May 2010

Reference Number 56499

as of 11/3/2009

Car 1967 Jaguar 340
VIN P1J50461BW 
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Known History

By the mid-1960s, sales of Jaguar's iconic MKII had fallen from the heights of the 1959 introduction. To breathe further life into the ageing shape, and keep it profitable before the '69 introduction of the XJ6, Jaguar reworked some details to ensure the model continued to sell well. Some of these, such as the slimmer bumpers fore and aft added elegance, yet the move to Ambla upholstery and deletion of the standard front auxiliary lamps - they were still a cost-option - were seen by many as a retrograde step, as was the deletion of the range-topping 3.8 litre variant. But read between the lines and the 240/340 range was a clever move. This re-alignment of the model meant Jaguar was able to price it much closer to newer designs such as the Rover P6 and Triumph 2000 to win customers from its fellow companies within British Motor Holdings (later British Leyland). So whilst it may appear that the `sedan that behaves like a sports car', to quote Jaguar's US advertising, went out with a whimper rather than a bang, the reality is that sales of a further 7246 MKII cars happened during the 240/340 era, which accounted for 11 percent of MKII cars built. In April '67 the cars still made good money for Jaguar too, with a build cost of £690/14/9d and a retail price of £1341/10/3d.


Even so, as one of 2788 models made whilst the car was current, this example proves rarer than any other series-built MKII model. Described as having "very good" engine, electrical equipment, paint and bodywork, the interior is said to be "good" and the gearbox "excellent". The car had one owner from 1986-2009, working in Saudi nine months of the year he had it stored and maintained by Autostore, with all relevant records maintained. In 2005 the wood trim was refurbished, the wiring renewed and chrome wire wheels fitted. During 2006 the 340 received a re-conditioned gearbox, halogen lamp conversion with alternator upgrade plus a rebuilt starter motor, whilst in 2007 a new fuel tank was installed. Carrying an MOT until May 2010, this cherished Jaguar presents an attractive and understated case within the MKII canon.