Jaguar XJ220 **Worldwide Services**VAT included
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The Jaguar XJ220 is a technology carrier of its peer since its 1992 appearance. To this day, he embodies the myth of the Saturday Club, led by Jim Randle again. To this day, his performance is almost unbeaten and his technique overwhelming. We, the Reichel-Racing company based in Nuremberg, want all owners of an XJ220 to be able to move their vehicle on public roads at any time, without having to compromise. We specialize in the service and modification of these rare cars. Only recognized engineers and mechanics from motorsport work on our customer vehicles.
The Jaguar XJ220 was only produced 284 times between 1992 and 1994, making it a particularly interesting vehicle for collectors around the world. We want to keep this myth alive, so we offer a 24-hour worldwide service.
Our services for this are:
• Modification of your Jaguar XJ220
• 24-hour Worldwide Service
• Spare parts supply for your Jaguar XJ220
• Vehicle ratings of your desired vehicle
• Selling your Jaguar XJ220
• 24-hour emergency call
• Vehicle storage
We offer you:
• You bring your vehicle directly to us
• Collection and delivery service on request
• We will come directly to you - if necessary within 24 hours
We have a large customer base of Jaguar XJ220 owners and can support you with our expertise worldwide. Today, we are able to provide XJ220 vehicles with the latest updates and to modify them to 700 hp.
We can also install a completely new full leather interior or an innovation package with MP3 player, iPod, retractable navigation screen and rear view camera. In the interior of your XJ220, we can also install a carbon fiber interior on request.
Few in the world have adopted the myth of the Jaguar XJ220. We are the only ones in the world capable of maintaining your vehicle at its highest level.
Discretion and perfection are our top priority.
Our services around your XJ220 we offer you on fair terms, because only a satisfied customer can and will recommend us.

We have made it all our goal!

Reference Number 568047

as of 8/15/2022

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Reichel-Classics  Contact  Location
Schussleitenweg 4  Phone  +49 911 81 09 878  City  Nürnberg
90451 Nürnberg  Fax  +49 911 66 04 323  State  Bayern
Germany  Mobile  +49 176 21 14 80 17  Country  Germany Germany
Car Jaguar XJ220 **Worldwide Services**
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Competition: Full Race setup
Electronics: Airconditioning, CD changer, High class audio, Power Windows
Exterior: Alloy rims, Metallic paint
Interior: Leather interior, Leather steering wheel
Mechanics: Catalytic Converter (CAT) 
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