1936 Cord Model 810 SportsmanSOLD

RM Vintage Motorcars in Arizona - Biltmore Resort & Spa, Friday January 19, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $175,000 - $225,000

$181,500 Sold

125hp, 288.6 cu. in. L-head Lycoming V8 engine, front wheel drive, four-speed electric preselector transmission, independent front suspension and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 125"

To overcome sagging sales after the 1929 stock market crash, Cord introduced the 810. The car was conceived adhering to the timeless and proven formula for automotive sales success: highly concentrated amounts of impressive styling and performance for a reasonable price. Introduced to the public in November 1935 at the New York Auto Show, the clean, coffin-nose, retractable headlight design created a sensation.

At the New York Auto Show, the 810 was praised by press and public alike, instantly creating a standard by which cars are still judged today. However, few at the time were aware that Cord had narrowly avoided disaster, having come perilously close to failing to attend. With the company ’ s dire financial straits dictating development on a shoestring, the company found the Auto Show date fast approaching, and their cars nowhere near ready. Ultimately, it was only through a heroic effort on the part of the development team that the show cars made it – albeit still without transmissions!

The production versions of the 810 boasted a Lycoming V8 engine that produced 125 horsepower. It was mated to a four-speed Electro-Vacuum pre-selector transmission and power was delivered to the front wheels via a Hypoid front wheel differential. Truly in a class by itself, there was no other car being offered in the 1930s that stood out above its peers, in terms of engineering and styling, as the 810. An act of genius must come from high places, and the 810, being just that, came from some of the most brilliant and influential individuals in the automotive landscape of the 1930s. Cord himself, race car engineers Miller and Van Rast, Indy driver Leon Duray, and – one of the greatest designers of all time – Gordon Buehrig, are some of the names responsible for the design and execution of the legendary Cord 810.

Less than 3000 examples were built during the two-year life of the Cord front drive, making them rare when new, and rarer still today. Today, as when new, they offer a mesmerizing combination of landmark styling and exceptional performance, and for this they are profoundly revered among classic car enthusiasts.

The example presented here, finished all in black, has received a Senior National First Place award from the Antique Automobile Club of America, as well as a prestigious Senior First Place award from the Classic Car Club of America. These top honors assure that this 1936 Cord Sportsman is a distinguished example, and would be a worthy entrant to even the most discerning collection or concours event.

Reference Number 5758

as of 1/9/2007

Car 1936 Cord Model 810 Sportsman
VIN 2505F 
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