1972/12 Alfa Romeo Montreal45,000 GBP - Fixed Price
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**Update: As of 26/07/19 the Montreal has a renewed MOT until 25/08/20 with no advisories.**

Here for sale is my father's 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal, which he has asked me to sell on his behalf.

This Montreal was built on the 31st of December 1972, sold to Alfa Romeo London on the 25th of May 1973, and finally registered on the 5th of April 1974, hence the 'M' registration. My Dad bought the car on the 20th of June 2007. There are 7 former owners and the odometer currently displays 100390 kms, equivalent to 62300 miles. The MOT is valid until the 25th of August 2020 (with no advisories) and the car is tax exempt.

The car was originally finished with metallic gold paintwork and 'avana beige' cloth interior. According to the AROC UK Montreal Register the car was resprayed white in the 1970s, and was then painted its current red sometime around the late 1990s. The interior is now black leather with red piping and black carpets, which really suits the car.

Now for the driving experience; the engine is of course the main attraction. It sounds brilliant, exactly like a 70's Italian V8 should. The noise is enhanced by the stainless exhaust system which gives the V8 a bit more of a voice without making it louder than it needs to be.
With 200 BHP from the normally aspirated 2.6L V8 it's certainly quick enough to have a bit of fun, but in my opinion these cars are more about the experience rather than performance. Every trip out in this car feels special.

The brakes can best be described as 'adequate'; aftermarket upgrades are available for these cars, but this isn't really a problem, and we must remember this is a 47 year old car afterall.

The clutch is typically quite heavy but it feels firm with plenty of life left in it and the gearbox feels nice and tight - changing through the gears feels great, not soft and loose like modern cars! However at the moment, the clutch pedal can be slightly slow to return once you have changed gears, which can cause some clutch slip, so I find myself using my foot to gently allow the clutch pedal to return to its resting position. This is only really an issue in gears 1-3 - perhaps the clutch needs to be bled again, but I'm not sure really - and it seems to get better as you drive the car, so maybe it's simply down to a lack of use. The car still drives great though! The steering is firm yet communicative and feels good. The Montreal has no power steering of course, so parking manoeuvres require additional effort.

Due to the fact that the car now sees little use, it can often take a few moments of cranking for the engine to fire up. We believe this is an issue with the ignition switch but we have lived with it for years and the car always starts up in the end, so it hasn't caused us any problems. However I was recently informed by an auto bodyshop (see below) that it could be the battery that's faulty, because the car apparently started up straight away with their battery booster attached. Having now fitted a new battery, the Montreal does seem like it starts easier, but sometimes it still needs a few moments to fire up.

Prior to sale, we decided the Montreal would benefit from some paintwork attention to make it look smarter for its next owner. It was by no means in bad condition, but there were marks, small dents and some rust bubbles that needed to be sorted. I arranged for the car to be taken to Chris Gregory Auto Refinishing in Knaresborough based on his excellent reviews, and over the course of 6 weeks his team did a great job of sorting the problem areas. The cost of this work came to ú3744 and the car now looks very smart indeed. Please note this was not a full respray; attention was focused on the doors and lower section of the bodywork, the roof and the top of the Kamm tail at the rear. The sills were also repainted, the interior cleaned and the doors readjusted to achieve slightly tidier shutlines.

In terms of servicing the car hasn't required a significant amount during my father's ownership, but he has always replaced parts as and when required. Below is an overview of the parts and work carried out on the car according to the service history. Please note the car has seen little use since early 2018, hence no service paperwork for 2018/19 (so far).

2017: Clutch pedal pivot arm and a lower ball joint replaced. Headlamp bulb replaced to pass MOT.

2016: Clutch slave cylinder replaced.

2015: Front and rear brake caliper seals and dust seal rings replaced. Upper ARB bushes, Rear ARB bushes, front and rear trailing arm bushes, T-bar conical bush and end thrust washers, rear axle bump stops all replaced. Koni rear shocks fitted. 4x rear bump stop fixing screws replaced and a replacement spare wheel well fitted. Door catch strap repair kit and a new horn button fitted.

2014: Replacement thermostatic actuator, rebuilt with stainless steel tube.

2013: 2x gearbox rubber gaiters, air filter, timing belt for the SPICA pump all replaced and hydraulic cylinder reconditioned. Throttle cable, SPICA cable, drive bolt, brake booster plastic breather all replaced and the clutch kit rebuilt, 4x brake caliper bleed screws, engine oil replaced (Millers classic performance 20w50), 4x gearbox/exhaust hanger bushes, Goodridge brake hose kit, clutch release bearing all replaced. Brake caliper stripped and bled and brake pipe replaced to pass MOT.

2012: The car was off the road.

2011: HT leads, spark plugs, air filter casing wing nuts, 4x rear light lens screws, 8 unspecified O-rings (I'm fairly certain they were for the throttle assembly, as I know these have been replaced), bulb holder, 2x indicators all replaced.

2010: Front upper suspension arms and OSF track rod end replaced. OSR brake caliper stripped and freed, OS headlight removed and electrical connections cleaned, 4x new suspension springs, oil filter and fuel filter replaced.

2009: SPICA bolt, thermostat + gasket, stainless eyelid springs (for the mechanism that lowers the eyelids underneath the headlights), 4x propshaft central bearings all replaced. New gearbox cradle and mounting fabricated. Gearbox rubber mount, propshaft central mountings and 4x wheel bearings all replaced. Throttle bodies removed and base gaskets sealed, throttle bodies adjusted, spark plugs replaced.

2008: No servicing performed.

2007: Custom stainless exhaust system fitted, radiator pressure tested, indicator flasher unit replaced.

Unfortunately we do not possess the service history for the Montreal prior to my Dad's ownership (ie, before 2007). At the time of the sale the previous owner, who ran a specialist Alfa garage in the South of England, said he had misplaced the rest of the paperwork but would send it to my Dad once he had found it. Sadly we didn't hear from him again, and after multiple failed attempts to contact him in the following years my Dad gave up trying. We understand that this is not ideal for the next owner, however any prospective buyers should try to look past this and instead focus on the car in its current condition.

The price is ú45,000 ONO. The car will be sold with two binders full of factory technical information, including schematics, troubleshooting guides and lists of part numbers. This includes the SPICA fuel pump instruction manual and the factory adjustment tools for the SPICA system. There is also a spare Montreal owner's handbook in very good condition, and an outdoor car cover should the next owner want it. I am more than happy to help with any further questions you may have, and I can supply more pictures too. If you would like information/pictures regarding any specific areas of the car let me know and I'll do my best to answer you. Viewings are encouraged, and overseas interest is welcome.

Thanks for looking!

Reference Number 579297

as of 7/27/2019

City Leeds
State North Yorkshire
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Private Seller
Car 1972/12 Alfa Romeo Montreal
Exterior / Interior Color      Red /      Black 
Condition Very Good 
Mileage 100.390 km 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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