1992 Volkswagen Golf GTi Sportline 

Stunning example with a documented 20,876 miles from new.

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Delivered on the 3rd April 1992 to its first owner who kept the car until August 2007
Purchased by its second owner in late 2007.
Its condition and low mileage attracted it to the owner of a private collection in 2017
The current mileage of 20,876 is supported by MOTs and Service Records
Supplied with the original hand book and service book along with UK and NI Test Certificates
Prior to the sale, this vehicle will have an oil and filter service with fresh fluids and be MOT'd, road tested and inspected 
The VW Golf is surely one of the most iconic ‘hot-hatches' ever conceived. Its popularity has never diminished and a plethora of variants and styles have always been hungrily anticipated and universally enjoyed by the car's cult following all of whom treasure the next instalment from Volkswagen, the hot-hatch giant.
Whilst many motorists today appreciate the exhilaration of roof-down ‘wind-in-your-hair' motoring, few are willing to forego the comfort of a saloon car in order to enjoy it, however,  the Golf GTi Convertible, introduced in 1980, made any such sacrifice unnecessary being designed and built by one of the world's most experienced builders of open-touring cars - Karmann of Osnabrück. With the hood up these little cars were remarkably draught free, lower the hood - a simple matter of releasing two clasps - and you were ready to take advantage of every moment of sunshine which a British summer could muster.
The Golf GTi Sportline was a run-out model of the legendary Mk1 GTi Convertible, enhancing the appeal of the car with Flash Red, Black, or Jasmine Yellow paint, Recaro seats finished in black and red, and black BBS 'RA' wheels. With its sub-10 second 0-60mph time and a top speed of 108mph, the Sportline was clearly no ordinary Golf convertible. Only 449 were built and it's thought that less than 200 remain, making it an attractive proposition for collectors.
Finished in Flash Red, this Sportline GTi was delivered on the 3rd April 1992 by Castles of Dover Street Ltd. in Leicester to a Mr A Islam who kept the car until August 2007. The service book indicates that he took the car to Spain for a period as it was serviced by the VW main dealer in Marbella until September 2000 when the recorded mileage was 9,436. It was purchased by its second owner, a Mr A McCullough of Co. Down in August 2007.  He continued to enjoy the car with limited use until 2017 and the DVA Test Certificates in the file document the low mileage.
In 2017, the Golf found a home in a private collection of exceptional vehicles but is now being offered for sale. The history file contains the original handbook and service book along with UK MOTs and Northern Ireland Test Certificates. Prior to the sale, this vehicle will have an oil and filter service with fresh fluids and be MOT'd, road tested and inspected. 
The Golf GTi will probably remain in fashion for ever and this rare iteration is worthy of a place in any collection and is sure to become increasingly sought-after.

Reference Number 579886

as of 6/18/2019


Lot SA-0014870

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 Phone    City  Towcester
 Fax    State  Northamptonshire
 Mobile    Country  United Kingdom United Kingdom
Car 1992 Volkswagen Golf GTi Sportline
Registration J859 OJF 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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