1955 Allard Atom Speedway Racer 

1955 Allard Atom Speedway Racer

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The Allard Atom originated through Wimbledon Speedway promoter and World Champion, Ronnie Greene who also went on to help with the development of the car. He discussed the idea with Sydney Allard of building a prototype 500cc JAP powered speedway car. As with the twin-engined Steyr Allard, the chassis was based around a lightweight channel section from the Allard Clipper parts bin. The car, with a wheelbase of just 64 inches used a motorcycle clutch assembly, 13” diameter Ford 100E wheels and a methanol tuned single cylinder JAP 500cc speedway engine. Only two examples were built with one crashing and being damaged beyond repair, and despite strong efforts, ‘midget car’ racing did not prove a success in the UK, and the concept was shelved. After the crash of the first car the remaining chassis was fitted with a wider tracked front axle and a longer steering rack as well as smaller wheels to improve front end stability. The rear axle was also offset to help with cornering. Brakes were never added with the only way to slow the car, by cutting the engine out or increasing the compression in the engine. The racer is powered by a JAP single cylinder 500cc engine, tuned and run on pure methanol, it is push started. When running it is said to have the same speed in acceleration as a Formula 1 car of the same era reaching a speed of 150mph on a stadium flat track speedway. The 1955 Allard Atom is still painted red with a black interior and the original gold star emblazoned on the nose, it retains the smaller wider front wheels and the bigger thinner Ford 100E rear ones. It is still powered by the same rare JAP 500cc methanol fuelled and tuned speedway bike engine. The car has been lovingly restored to its original specifications to a very high standard and is offered along with some original racing leathers and body panels. A very unique and interesting car with a well-documented history that would make a superb addition to any collection. View 1955 Allard Atom Speedway Racer For Sale on Coys.co.uk for further details.

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Car 1955 Allard Atom Speedway Racer
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