1995 Venturi 600 LM GT1 

24 hours of Le Mans in 1993 Art Car at the 1995 Le Mans 24 hours Rare, easy to service and restored - Eligible for Peter Auto Endurance Racing Legends and the Masters series

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Rare Venturi 600 LM very important racing history
The VENTURI 600 LM shown here left the works in 1993 as a VENTURI 500 LM, chassis N° 05. As their name suggests, the 500 LMs had a power output of 500 HP, their engine having been developed from the 3 litre double turbo PRV engine.

This particular VENTURI has a very significant track record. It was entered for the Le Mans 24 hours for three years in a row, in 1993, 1994 and 1995. In 1993 it finished 27th overall. It competed in practically all the BPR races over the three seasons from 1993 to 1996.

Sponsored by Baron Empain and Art Car at the Le mans 24 hours
As of 1995, it was upgraded to a 600 LM. Thanks to an engine preparation method developed by the firm EIA, its power output was boosted to 600 HP. In this new configuration, it obtained a victory at the 1995 Paris 1000 km race in the GTP1 category, finishing 7th overall. The history of this unique VENTURI is peppered with a series of remarkable events. As part of the Eric Graham Team, it was sponsored by the Baron Empain, of kidnap-victim fame.

In 1995, the car acquired the status of Art Car at the Le Mans 24 hours. François Birbeau enlisted the services of the Italian artist Gianni Celano Giannici to deck the car out in a robe of shimmering colours. During the VENTURI 600 LM’s restoration in 2013, the art-work was rediscovered on its roof, covered over with several coats of paint.

The Italian artist’s painting had been preserved thanks to a thick coat of varnish! The rest of the artist’s work has since been fully restored, thereby giving back to the car its true letters of nobility.

The engine is now completely rebuilt.

The engine has been rebuilt in 2017. The car received a new wiring and new ECU. The tank is from 2018, valid until 2023.

Last year, the Venturi 600 LM no5 has been entered in the Imola race of the Masters Endurance Legends series and the Global Endurance Legends demonstration of 2018 Le Mans Classic.

Rare, powerful economical and well balanced, it is the perfect entry for the new Peter Auto series, the Endurance Racing Legends & the Masters series.

Reference Number 582122

as of 2/15/2021

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Car 1995 Venturi 600 LM GT1
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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