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1968 Porsche 911L Project

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Imagine the year is 1968, Apollo 8 has successfully orbited the moon and the internet was somehow created 20 years premature; with that comes one of the greatest time wasting inventions known to man…the Porsche Car Configurator. You’ve typed in www.porsche.com/timewaster a million times and have built your dream car spec’d exactly how you like it, 911> Luxe > Targa > 5.5x15 Fuchs > and why not?… you check the box for that special color that costs an extra 3k. Well, lucky for you, 51 years ago and without the internet, an individual checked all the right boxes and this 911L Targa in Sea Green was delivered May 20th 1968.

Currently offered for sale is a project 1968 Porsche 911L Targa in Sea Green (62164) in the early stages of restoration. If you aren’t yet familiar with the ‘L’ designation in classic Porsche nomenclature you’re not alone. Porsche only made 134 Targa 911L’s for the U.S. market in 1968. As the story goes, Porsche wasn’t expecting their 1968 911S to pass U.S. emission standards, so instead of taking the gamble they played it safe and created the “L” or Luxe with the 2.0 liter 130 hp motor. Quoted directly from an original Porsche sales brochure “In addition to the instrumentation provided for the 911 and 912, the 911L also includes oil-level and oil-pressure gauges. The handsome non-glare dash panel is upholstered in a rich, textured vinyl.” The 911L also had the “S” Trim, 5.5x15 Fuchs, “S” gauges, suspension etc. Nearly 50 years later, the 1968 model year became famous in the Porsche community for a lot of firsts and lasts, add to that a one-year only limited production model where only 134 Targa’s were produced and this will certainly make your Porsche the rarest car at the local cars and coffee bar none.

Per the Kardex, the car was originally delivered to Beaverton, Oregon in 1968. Not much else is known about the history of the car other than Henk (the owner of CarparcUSA) purchased it from a local San Diego dealer back in April 2012. The dealer had called Henk telling him about the car but it wasn’t until seeing pictures that Henk noticed the rare color. The car had been repainted years ago but under the targa bar and on the inside of the doors you could see the original color, Sea Green. Upon seeing this and knowing the rarity of the color/year/model, Henk immediately made the drive down to San Diego and purchased the car.

This color has an especially interesting story. From our research, Sea Green (Meergrün) was a very limited production Porsche color (only 382 cars were ever delivered in this color) and this is thought to be the only 68’ Targa in this color in the United States. On the original Kardex in German, it states the color to be Meergrün with no color code. On the COA it has the color listed as Sea Green.

This 911 L is a rare matching-numbers car, verified by both a Kardex and COA with VIN# 11855099 and was completed on May 20, 1968. In 1968, it was still an option for buyers to get either a soft window targa or a fixed glass heated/tinted rear window, this car came equipped with the latter. Other options per the Kardex include Dunlop tires. The car came standard with a 5-speed transmission, black leatherette interior and 5.5x15 Fuchs.

The car has previously been affixed to our Cellette frame table and metal work was started. The car is straight however rust is present in the usual places. The car is currently for sale as-is or with a full or partial restoration performed by us; various options can be discussed on how the buyer would like to handle the project. Along with the car, Henk will include the black California speciality license plate he had made “1968 L”.

This is a matching numbers car with all the original (including original VDM steering wheel, Blaupunkt radio and original owners manual) as well as other rare one-year only “L” parts. This is Henk’s personal car and he hates to see it go due to its rarity, but has decided to move on to other projects.

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as of 10/25/2019

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Car 1968 Porsche 911L
Exterior / Interior Color      Green Sea Green (62164) /      Black Leatherette 
Condition Restorable 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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