1936 Packard Dual Windshield Phaeton SOLD

RM Vintage Motorcars in Arizona - Biltmore Resort & Spa, Friday January 19, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $180,000 - $240,000

$363,000 Sold

Model 1404. 150hp, 384 cu. in. inline eight-cylinder side valve engine, three-speed synchromesh transmission, semi-elliptic leaf springs and four-wheel vacuum assisted mechanical brakes. Wheelbase: 139"

Many consider the 1935 to 1939 senior cars to be the finest automobiles ever produced by the Packard Motor Car Company. Certainly, it is true that they represented the end of an era; never again would Packard offer the exceptional quality of a hand-built senior car. Although the Super Eight was far from the most expensive Senior Packard, starting at $2,990 and going in excess of $5800, this handsome coupe could cost more than 10 times the price of a new Ford.

A study conducted in 1936 revealed that 95 percent of the vehicles sold had a sticker price of less than $750 ľ considered an economy car price by Depression standards. Nearly all of the remaining five percent of the cars sold in 1936 were considered mid-priced vehicles in the $1,000 price range. That left a mere fraction of one percent of the cars sold in America being luxury vehicles of the caliber and quality displayed by this particular Packard.

By the end of 1935, there were 5,100 production workers at Packard. 2,500 of them worked building 5,985 senior cars, while the remaining 2,600 workers produced an astounding 55,042 Packard 120 models. The distribution of labor is telling of Packard ĺ s commitment to producing the finest automobiles. Yet, being publicly owned, Packard needed to produce high volume, inexpensive vehicles to meet demand and keep the company in the black.

For 1935 Packard introduced many changes that have made these later cars among the most highly prized collector cars today. More horsepower and improvements in suspension and steering made these models easier and more comfortable to drive. For the first time the car was designed as a whole, with body, hood, fenders and running boards integrated into a smoothly executed design which has for years been regarded as one of the most attractive bodies of the era.

The fourteenth series for 1936 was largely carried over from 1935, but the differences are important to collectors today. The most significant of these was a new radiator, which was raked back an additional five degrees, giving the car a much sleeker look than its predecessor. 1936 would also be the last year for the 17-inch wire wheels.

The exceptional 1936 Packard Super Eight Dual Windshield Phaeton presented here with coachwork by Dietrich is one of only five known to exist. Having very recently been restored, it is in outstanding overall condition and is reported by the vendor to be an absolute pleasure to drive. The exterior is very handsomely finished in Navy Blue, which contrasts elegantly with the tan Haartz cloth top and burgundy leather interior. Very nicely equipped, the Packard features a correct metal trunk and luggage rack, Trippe driving lights, dual spotlights, and dual side mounted spares with hard covers. The brightwork, from the chrome wire wheels and the optional V12 style bumper to the mascot above the radiator, is simply brilliant.

As one of the most collectable year models Packard has ever built, we encourage close examination of this AACA Classic as it will surely appreciate in value over the years to come.

Reference Number 5840

as of 1/10/2007

Car 1936 Packard Dual Windshield Phaeton
VIN 755602 
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