1953 Muntz JetSOLD

RM Vintage Motorcars in Arizona - Biltmore Resort & Spa, Friday January 19, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $55,000 - $65,000

$68,750 Sold

320hp modified 365 cu. in. Cadillac V8 engine, GM four-speed Hydra-matic transmission, four-wheel hydraulic brakes. Wheelbase: 116"

Earl “ Mad Man ” Muntz bought two KSCs (Kurtis Sports Car) designed by Frank Kurtis and loved them so much he decided to buy the rights and begin production; ergo in 1951, the Muntz Car Co. was established in Evanston, Ill.

Frank Kurtis, along with Sam Hanks, was asked to modify the original Buick-based KSC. The KSC Coupe was renamed the Muntz Road Jet. With a three-inch stretch of the wheelbase to accommodate a backseat, it grew 13- inches longer overall, however, the chassis remained essentially the same, as did the styling.

A Muntz Jet was a very special car in 1953 and appealed to wealthy entrepreneurs and celebrities. A Muntz certainly looked at home in the driveway of any Hollywood star or young starlet such as Gloria DeHaven.

Gloria DeHaven became a very successful singer, dancer and actress in films, theater and television. With a career spanning over six decades, she appeared most recently on screen with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in the 1997 film Out to Sea.

It was in New York City that Gloria DeHaven took delivery of this 1953 Muntz Jet painted in striking Coral. The car features a Carson top, an all-white interior, and is the first Muntz Jet in the Muntz registry. With a complete ownership history, this rust-free, never damaged Muntz remains in good condition, having been re-finished to specifications as described by the Muntz registry, in its original color scheme.

The Muntz ’ s original Lincoln powerplant has given way to a 320hp modified 365 cu. in. V8 Cadillac engine fitted to a four-speed Hydra-matic transmission. Other features include electric power windows, electric remote power locks, a Muntz 8-Track tape player, dual carburetors and dual exhaust.

Having maintained the same ownership since 1988, this Muntz Jet is a well cared for example. Finished in Coral, it is archetypal of the post-WWII boom, which brought with it the hopes and dreams of many to build a new kind of American car. It was in this era that American entrepreneurs, designers and sportsmen shone with new and daring designs.

Glasspar, Woodill, Darrin, Kurtis and others introduced very different and exciting cars in the 1950s, but none was as dramatic as the Muntz.

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as of 1/11/2007

Car 1953 Muntz Jet
VIN DR141664CAL 
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