1920 Packard 3-35 Twin-Six TransformableSOLD
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1920 Packard 3-35 Twin-Six Transforamble Towncar Chassis # 160326 The body of this one of a kind magnificent example of a custom limousine was designed and built by "Fleetwood" for millionaire manufacturer, A. Atwater Kent. He was a genius inventor and became famous for being the first mass producer of radios for the home. He also pioneered many advances in the automotive world, including ignition systems and electic starters. He reaped enormous profits from wartime manufacturing and commissioned this special Twin-Six Packard to parade his prosperity. When this car was featured in the 1920 New York Salon, it epitomized the artistic craft of American coaschbuilding which rivaled the Rolls-Royce of the period. This 12 cylinder custom chassis with a 145 inch wheelbase was the base on which Fleetwood crafted a body that was higher and longer than any other Packard. This Limo had several unique design elements which are 35 inch steel disc wheels, drum headlamps, a double layered top that lowered to "transform" it into a touring car. It also has heavy steel bumpers in rolled rubber and four wheel shok absorbers.

Reference Number 5991

as of 1/16/2007

Car 1920 Packard 3-35 Twin-Six Transformable
VIN 160326