1960 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Pininfarina Serie IIPrice Upon Request
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Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Pininfarina Serie II

Completed: 1960
Originally delivered: Italy
Original colour: Azzurro Pinin Farina MM 16240
Original interior: Pelle Beige/Naturale VM 3218

Our new 250 Cabriolet Series II has been delivered by Officine Romanezzi Spa./Roma, an early Ferrari dealership, to its first owner Contraves Spa/Italia. Contraves Spa belonged to one of the most famous industrial families based in Zürich/Switzerland. The owner Dr. Dieter Bührle had ordered his new Cabriolet at Ferrari in Azzurro (light blue metallic) with a contrasting interior in Beige/tan.

Up from 1962 Dr. Dieter Bührle had it registered in Zürich/Switzerland where it nearly spent all of its life being then sold in the mid sixties to Peter Monterverdi, the famous sportscar producer.

It the early seventies it was bought by Kurt Bohrer, who was a master mechanic working for Peter Monteverdi and from time to time racing sportscars in the name of Peter Monteverdi or for Peter Monteverdi. Kurt Bohrer kept an eye on it for nearly 40 years. By the late seventies he decided to change the colour from Azzurro Pinin Farina into Rosso Rubino. The archive file shows quite some pics when the car was sitting in Kurt Bohrers garage brought back to bare metal. The overall mileage was listed at 51 802 km when the engine was completely rebuilt by Technmosim AG in Birsfelden/Switzerland.

In 2005 we had the chance to inspect the car at Kurt Bohrer's home garage having an odometer mileage of 58 250 km. In this time the engine was nicely running and a longer test drive was carried out with the owner. A few month later Kurt decided to sell it to Peter Grohe, Utwill/ Switzerland who kept it for another couple of years before it ended up in a German collection where we bought it in September 2019.

Before purchasing we had it inspected properly realizing that there was quite some work left over the years especially underneath. So we immediately started to dismantle the whole car. The work which was carried out took in the end the whole winter and will be finished by the end of February 2020. Our work is documented by hundreds of detailed photos following each step of the restoration and by the invoices about labour and parts exceeding easily 100.000,- €. By this it will be in brand new condition underneath and the engine
compartment will be perfectly detailed. We could as well confirm that we did not find any corrosion or any signs of former accidents thanks to its very short owner history.

The Pininfarina Series II cabriolet today is in drivable condition throughout showing an odometer mileage of 63 656 km. The engine produces lots of torque documented bya perfect result of its latest compression leakdown test. The gearbox shifts properly without any synchro problems and there is not any noise or vibration coming from the drivetrain.It sounds and drives flawlessly.

After having inspected the relevant and most important numbers we are able to confirm that it still carries its original components with their correctly stamped numero interna. The Tipo 128 F engine, Tipo 508 F gearbox and as well the Tipo 508 F differential are corresponding to the information shown in its Foglio Montaggio which accompanies the archive file.

The Lettera Conferma Dati or Vehicle Production Data sheet has been issued by Ferrari on the 23rd of September 2019 confirming full matching numbers and Azzurro Pinin Farina with Beige interior as its original colour combination.

Reference Number 617960

as of 8/6/2020

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Car 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet Pininfarina Serie II
Exterior / Interior Color      Red /      Black 
Condition Pristine 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Interior: Leather interior, Wooden steering wheel 
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