1929 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Slal Sedanca DevilleSOLD
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1929 ISOTTA FRASCHINI TIPO 8A SALA SEDANCA DEVILLE Chassis no. 1135 Engine no. 1135 Designed by Giustino Cattaneo, the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8 announced in August 1919 was the world's first series-production straight eight. Some 1,350 examples of this superlative model from Milan's noblest car maker were produced in three series between the launch of the TipoS in 1919 until the last example of the Tipo 8B series was eventually sold around 1935. The bulk of production was concentrated on the Tipo 8A, of which around 950 were built between 1925-31. For most people, the Tipo 8A conjures up a mental image of the magnificent Isotta Fraschini driven by Erich von Stroheim in that classic film Sunset Boulevard. The choice of a Tipo 8A as the car of fading silent movie star Norma Desmond could not have been more aptly made, for the fortunes of Isotta Fraschini were firmly based on sales in the American luxury market, and the model was the choice of such world-famous film stars as Rudolph Valentino and "It Girl" Clara Bow. Other Isotta owners included press baron William Randolph Hearst (the real life model for Citizen Kane) and world heavyweight champion boxer Jack Dempsey. The imposing car also has its links with show business legend, for it was owned and restored by Peter Grant, former manager of rock idols Led Zeppelin. Supremely elegant, it is reputed to have belonged at one time to an Indian prince but the factory records show its first owner to have been Franco Paccheti of Milan. Its Edinburgh registration dates from 1932. It is, we are told, in "A 1 condition throughout", its ivory and black sedanca de ville coachwork is an outstanding creation by the leading Italian carrorziere of the 1920's, Cesare Sala of Milan, coachbuilder to the Queen of Italy. A similar (but arguably less handsome) Sala-bodied Isotta won the top Coppa d'Oro award in the first Ville d'Este concours in 1929.

Reference Number 622

as of 6/6/2006

Car 1929 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A Slal Sedanca Deville
VIN 1135  
Exterior / Interior Color      White 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Options Exterior: Two-tone paint
Interior: Leather interior 
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