1980 Ford Model A19,500 GBP

A real fun Shay Ford Model A replica

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If you want to know more about the history of Shay motor cars please Google ”Conceptcarz Shay Ford A” and you will get the whole story but in the meantime here is a very brief summary. In the late 1970s businessman Harry Shay struck a deal with Ford that allowed him to make modern day versions of their very successful 1920’s Model A. They would be sold through Ford’s US dealership network and, as they were built using Ford mechanical components including the four cylinder 2.3 litre overhead cam Pinto engine and an automatic or a four speed manual gearbox, they would come with a Ford warranty.

Although he did not reach his original target of 10,000 cars he did manage to produce some 5,000 examples in just over ten years but at the end of the day he appears not to have had the success he had hoped for and the company finally folded (shades of Delorean perhaps?).

Nonetheless having driven one I can see what he was getting at. Without being a millimetre correct copy it really does look like a Ford Model A but it has modern power, modern suspension, modern steering, modern brakes and modern lights so it is powerful, very easy to drive, feels like it would go absolutely anywhere and having a fibreglass body won’t go rusty if you leave it out in the rain. It is also rather nicely made with plenty of space for the driver and passenger who get the benefit of a nice hood and a dickey seat for two more passengers or your luggage and it has additional luggage space in a detachable rear trunk.

I know it’s not a vintage Ford but it does look the part and you really could use it as every transport and also happily go touring in it. It has a tow bar so you could use it to trailer your vintage racer to meetings and it has also been used to tow a light caravan!
So there it is, I know the purists won’t like it but I am converted and I think you might be too if you were to come and take a ride in it!

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as of 8/20/2021

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Car 1980 Ford Model A
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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