2006 Porsche 911 / 997 Carrera 4S35.000 EUR - Starting Bid

2006 Ľ Porsche 911 (997) Carrera 4S

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as of 10/7/2021

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Lot 715

leBolide by Christian Philippsen  Contact  Location
c/o IBC - 2 rue du Gabian  Phone    City  Fontainebleau
98000 Monaco  Fax    State  
Monaco  Mobile  0033643913932  Country  France France
Car 2006 Porsche 911 / 997 Carrera 4S
Exterior / Interior Color      Black /      Black 
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See all the Images for this Car
Known History

Between 2004 and 2012, Porsche produced numerous versions of the 997, the sixth generation of its mythical 911. This has brought the German manufacturer great success and records in terms of units sold. Among the variants marketed is the Carrera 4S, which is equipped with four-wheel drive and was available from 2005. It differs from the majority of the other versions in the range in that its rear wings are more prominent, while its 3824 cc naturally-aspirated 6-cylinder engine delivers 355 bhp at 6,600 rpm, i.e. 30 bhp more than the 3.6-litre engine in the 997 Carrera 4. The Carrera 4S is a safe, but not overly thrilling all-wheel drive car, making it a good choice for fun in any situation.

The model on offer is a 997 Carrera 4S phase 1 with a 6-speed manual gearbox, launched in 2006 and purchased in November 2019 from its second Swiss owner. The car now has a French registration certificate in the name of the seller and a total of 106,000 km, of which 2,500 km are attributed to its current owner. According to the owner, the meter is reliable, which is corroborated by the duly stamped logbook and the complete maintenance file. The manufacturer's manuals and the duplicate keys complete the package. The vehicle has not been in an accident, is parked in a closed garage and is not pledged. The warranty period has expired. The technical inspection was carried out in January 2020, as well as a compression test in the same year. The seller has not reported any malfunctions. The seller states that the car has never been driven on a circuit.