1984 Porsche 911 / 964 Carrera Cabriolet SOLD

Immaculate and Highly Original European Spec Carrera Cabriolet

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The Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 has a unique significance among Porsche enthusiasts because it represents the ultimate development of the `classic` 911. Introduced in 1984, they were the last and most well-developed of the torsion bar suspended cars. They have no power steering and very few extraneous accessories, making them extremely appealing to driving purists. At the same time, however, they feature fuel injection, fully galvanized bodies, reasonable climate control, and other creature comforts to make them imminently usable today, even as daily drivers. Compared to the earlier SC`s, they also have the 3.2 liter motor, which addressed the only two true weak spot�s of the SC`s 3.0: the chain tensioners and the pop-off valve in the airbox. The 3.2 also makes appreciably more power, and both engines enjoy a reputation of indestructibility. This difference in power is even more noticeable with the European-spec engine, which made 231hp instead of the 214hp of the US version. This era (1983, specifically) also saw the introduction of a genuine convertible, the first ever made of the 911, and Porsche�s first convertible since the last 356 of 1965.

This particular car is an immaculate and very original car that has been in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1986, when it was imported from Europe. It was federalized when it arrived in the United States and the DOT and EPA paperwork is present with the car. It is fitted with a catalytic converter and will pass smog, even in California, making it a true 50-state car. Though the car was federalized, it retains many of the unique European details including side indicator repeaters, smaller rear bumperettes, European engine, and European Hella H4 headlights. Also, the car was never fitted with air conditioning, which reduces weight and complexity while also adding a bit of power. The federalization included but was not limited to the fitment of smog equipment, front reflectors, and a MPH speedometer. The car has the desirable 7 and 8 inch wide 16-inch fuchs wheels, which have lovely polished lips and color center caps. The car also has the attractive `Carrera` chin spoiler and headlight washers.

The car was used regularly throughout the late 80`s and some of the 90`s and the mileage is correct. It appears to have had two owners in the United States, with the current owner having owned the car since the mid 90`s. All service records are included since 1988 and indicate that the car has been very well cared for. It has been used very minimally since 2000, and was shown at the Hillsborough Concours D�Elegance in 2002, a true indication of how beautifully preserved the car is. The car was serviced a few hundred miles ago at Carlsen Porsche (fluids, belts etc.) in August of 2006 to ensure that the car is now ready to enjoy and running beautifully. At that time, the car was also fitted with a new top in the correct German canvas at a cost of over $2100. The top boot is original and shows the very slightest of fading (only noticeable when compared to the brand new top), and two small piercings, which were patched from the inside to make them almost invisible. The tires were recently replaced and have only a few hundred miles on them.

Cosmetically, this car is in stunning unmolested condition. The paint and interior both appear to be original and are excellent. The paint has extremely light road rash on the front surfaces, and one small rock ding in the hood, but is otherwise free of significant blemishes. There is one extremely subtle dent in the right door, which is only visible in very bright light from the right angle. The top is as-new, and all rubber trim and seals are in superb order. Naturally, the car is free of rust and the panel fit is excellent throughout. All glass and lenses are excellent.

The interior is equally nice. The carpets show no significant wear, and there is a set of embroidered floor mats fitted. There is just the slightest of wear on the driver�s seat bolster and the leather remains supple and intact throughout the car. The dashboard and gauges are free of cracks and all original, aside from a period `hi-fi` stereo. All gauges work, including the clock. The heater works well.

The engine compartment is unmodified and very clean. The engine itself is completely dry, both above and below, and the remainder of the undercarriage is very clean as well. There is no corrosion or any locations where the factory undercoating has been compromised. The trunk is original and clean. All carpeting is present, as is the original space-saver spare tire. The tools are also present, as is an air compressor, a pair of sheepskin covers for the seats, and a bra for the front end.

This car drives exactly as one would expect after visually inspecting it. Driving the car barely differs from when it was new, perfectly embodying the classic Porsche experience. This is heightened by the fact that is an open air experience, which makes it all the easier to enjoy the legendary wail of the flat-6. The car shifts, brakes, and corners as it should, and the driving experience highly communicative and satisfying.

This car is a collector quality example of this classic and important model. It is the first year of the Carrera and is also especially appealing as a European model. But, having been in California for nearly all its life, it is free from the vices that tend to plague cars that have spent most of their lives in Europe. It is in impeccable condition, both cosmetically and mechanically, and has the documentation to substantiate this fact, as well as the car`s fairly low mileage. Finally, the car is fitted with desirable options and comes with the original books in the Porsche holder. Currently the car has 78,788 miles.

Contact Information
Fantasy Junction (510) 653-7555 Emeryville CA

Reference Number 6906

as of 1/31/2007

Car 1984 Porsche 911 / 964 Carrera Cabriolet
Exterior / Interior Color      White /      Black 
Mileage 78,788 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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