1989 Ferrari F40SOLD

Christie's Retromobile Paris Auction - February, 16 & 17th, 2007

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Estimate 200,000 - 250,000 Euros
Result (incl.) 214,750 Euros

Engine: 90 degree V8, two belt-driven overhead camshafts per bank operating four valves per cylinder, dry sump lubrication, with electronic port fuel injection and two IHI RHB 53 LW turbochargers and air to air intercoolers, 2,936cc, 478bhp at 7,000rpm; Gearbox: five-speed manual; Suspension: front and rear, independent by unequal wishbones with concentric coil springs and tubular shock absorbers; Brakes: four wheel ventilated discs. Left hand drive.

Model History

Following their success with turbocharged engines in the short-lived 1½ litre Formula One, in 1984 Ferrari introduced its first road-going twin turbo V8 in the 288 GTO. This model was generally viewed as a success, as it generated a great deal of publicity for Ferrari and demonstrated the packaging advantages of the mid-engine twin turbo V8 powertrain.

Shortly thereafter, for the Fortieth Anniversary of Ferrari, Commendatore Ferrari charged his technical staff with the formidable task of developing a suitable automobile to commemorate that anniversary. Seeking to recall one of Ferrari's most stunning racing cars, the 250 LM, Ferrari dug deeply into its high-tech bag of tricks to create the ultimate road-driveable supercar. The F40 was the result, and what a convincing demonstration it was. The model adopted the 288 GTO longitudinal, mid-mounted, twin turbo-charged V8 configuration, growing slightly in size from 2,855cc as well as in power, from 400bhp and 366lb-ft torque to 478bhp and 426lb-ft torque. Using a tube space frame, the F40 incorporated advanced composite materials in every possible application including its exterior panels. Pininfarina developed the body design in its in-house wind tunnel, seeking the racer's compromise among aerodynamic drive, frontal area, high speed stability and downforce, to finally produce drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.34, remarkable considering the F40's huge tyres and full-width rear wing.

In keeping with the F40's theme of translating racing car technology to the road, its interior is sparsely trimmed, and there are no power assists on either steering or the immense Brembo brakes. The only sound system available is the Ferrari symphony of valves, exhaust and turbos. F40's one concession to comfort is a minimal air-conditioning system.
A year after its introduction, the F40 was released to the public to immediate acclaim in the motoring media. Today it is recognized as a superb embodiment of il Commendatore's guiding principles, exactly as he intended. It was the last great car designed, developed and built under his direct supervision in the spirit of the 250 GTO and 250 LM, a road car drawing directly and heavily on the racing experience, development and technology of Scuderia Ferrari. Even more so than the more recent F50 and Enzo, the Ferrari F40 has been recognized and accepted by enthusiasts and the market as an exceptional Ferrari. In Ferrari's history of building consistently exceptional automobiles, this is no easy accomplishment.

Specific history of this car

Chassis 80712 was delivered new to Mrs. Elisabeth Kawan in Salzburg, Austria on May 12th 1989. It joined the current owner's collection on September 25th 2002 when he acquired the car from Dutch Ferrari importer Kroymans. Since then the car has been regularly exercised, serviced and maintained, the last service being carried out at 60,850kms, when the cambelts were changed but the second set of fuel cells from new retained.

Having covered 63,444 kilometres since new, the F40 on offer here is an excellent example with a full service book and documents. On a recent test drive by a Christie's specialist the car started immediately and performed faultlessly.

We highly recommend this excellent example which has been regularly used and maintained since new.

Reference Number 6919

as of 2/1/2007

Car 1989 Ferrari F40
VIN 80712 
Exterior / Interior Color      Red /      Red 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Exterior: Alloy rims 
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