Christie's Retromobile Paris Auction - February, 16 & 17th, 2007

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Estimate 15,000 - 20,000 Euros
Result (incl.) 5,875 Euros


No mechanical aspects whatsoever.
Red with white O.Z. wheels.

Background history to the Michelotto 308 Cars

The Ferrari 308 GTB production car was first introduced at the Paris show in 1975. In those days, under the leadership of Luca di Montezemolo, the racing activities of the Scuderia were strictly concentrated in Formula One and Ferrari had just won a fresh World Championship title with Niki Lauda.

Many however regretted the days, not so long back, when Ferrari was also present in long distance and GT racing. For these nostalgics, a small officina in Padova, belonging to Michelotto, would bring the right answer. Michelotto had become famous by preparing many rally winning Lancia Stratos, fitted with the same engine as the Dino 246. This association created a close relationship with the factory and soon Michelotto, now an authorised tuner, would dedicate his attention to the successor of the 246, the 308. He was not the only one who, after having driven the car, was convinced that with some more horsepower and less weight, it would be a potential rally winner.

His first cars were prepared according to the Group IV regulations and proved immediately successful, winning such mythical events as the Targa Florio and the Tour de France. With a change of regulations, Michelotto developed a new small series of Group B cars as they were now called. The 3-litre engines, fitted with four-valve per cylinder heads, Bosch K-Jetronic injection and dry sump, developed 310bhp at 8,000rpm. The transmission consisted of a very fast non-syncro five-speed gearbox and a limited slip (80 ZF rear end). The ventilated discs were fitted with four-piston Brembo calipers and the power assistance had been removed. The weight had been brought down significantly to 980kg, although the car retained its steel body. Needless to say, the expected performance was delivered and the cars continued to win major events. Fifteen of these racers were constructed and rallied with considerable success.

The final derivation of the 308 was the GTB/M or IMSA which Michelotto built to campaign in the Group B rally class. Beneath the all enveloping aerodynamic body, the engine was now mounted longitudinally to provide better weight distribution. It is thought that three of these cars were constructed, two were constructed by Michelotto themselves and a further car was assembled in the Netherlands from parts. The only race that they contested was the 1984 Monza International Rally, which the car lead only to suffer a puncture which put it out of serious running. Despite this, the IMSA 308 stands out in the annals of Ferrari as the key to the styling of the F40.

Specific history of the bodyshell

This bodyshell was acquired at public auction in Gstaad in December 2003, and according to information provided at that time it had been previously acquired by the then seller from a supplier to the Ferrari factory.

It had for many years sat within a Ferrari museum, and has since graced an exceptional private collection of predominantly Italian marques.

Specific details of the bodyshell

The bodyshell was mounted on four wheels for display purposes and is understood to have been restored to this form by Bacchelli and Villa of Modena.

In general it is tidily presented, but under close inspection the transition to display is rather rudimentary.

An interesting piece of Ferrari history which would sit comfortably in any collection of modern Ferraris not least alongside an F40.

Reference Number 6920

as of 2/1/2007

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