1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Carrosserie H.J. MullinerSOLD

Christie's Retromobile Paris Auction - February, 16 & 17th, 2007

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Estimate 130,000 - 170,000 Euros
Result (incl.) 220,250 Euros

Engine: eight cylinders in 90 degree V, 6,230cc; Gearbox: four speed automatic; Suspension: front, independent with coil springs, hydraulic shock dampers and torsion bar, rear, semi-elliptic springs with hydraulic shock absorbers; Brakes: servo-assisted hydrostatic with hydraulic operation to front, hydraulic and mechanical operation to rear. Left hand drive.

Model history

The Silver Cloud II was introduced in 1959 and was the first model to use the 6.23 litre V8 unit that is still found under Rolls-Royce bonnets today. Visually it differed very little from its predecessor, but performance was much improved over the previous car. Convertible versions were available with coachwork provided by the H.J. Mulliner, Park Ward company which had merged in 1961.

History of this car

SXC 637 was ordered at the beginning of 1961 for a certain Miss Mary Wentworth Kelly. According to build sheets obtained from the factory if was ordered with a list of options including a power-operated hood, whitewall tyres, and "colonial springs" to the front and rear suspension. Despite the build sheets being marked "Lady Wentworth Kelly seems to have been far more interested in touring Europe, as there are several invoice notes for such items as return tickets to Calais and Ostend, a set of Michelin Touring Guides, and even a Swiss Auto Club badge.

According to previous research enclosed in a letter that accompanies the car, SXC 637 was used for such social occasions as Ascot with the Aga Khan up until Lady Wentworth Kelly decided to move to France in 1973. Not wishing to pay the necessary duties to transfer it permanently, and believing her Silver Cloud to be "the most beautiful car ever made by Rolls", she decided to lend it to the Science Museum in London where she was disappointed that it wasn't displayed, although it was correctly maintained. When the Cloud was moved into the museum's storage, the necessary precautions taken for the engine and cosmetics, and it was raised on axle stands.

Before her death in 1992, Lady Wentworth Kelly left SXC 637 gave the car to her nurse, and so it was that the car was re-registered in her name in October 1989. Marque specialists P.J.Fischer were commissioned to retrieve the car from storage, and to bring it back up to the highest standard. It was while this work was being undertaken that the Richard Hull, also of South London bought the car and, with a view to taking it "back home" to Florida, had it converted to Left-hand drive. The Cloud was then sold into Holland in around 1995, and it was from here that the current owner purchased the car in around 1999.

SXC 637 has been used sparingly since its last purchase, covering a mere 1,000 miles a year mainly during summer holidays and family weddings. Accordingly it presents to a very high standard, and shows a mere 56,000 miles on the odometer. Documentation exists stretching back to the first logbook, and includes a large number of invoices for the restoration work. Although this is not an "original", left-hand drive Silver Cloud convertibles are increasingly difficult to find, and this elegant example represents a beautiful ownership prospect for summer touring and club events.

Reference Number 6934

as of 2/1/2007

Car 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Carrosserie H.J. Mulliner
VIN SXC 637 
Exterior / Interior Color      Sable /      Beige 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic 
Options Exterior: Metallic paint
Interior: Leather interior 
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