1985 Rolls-Royce Phantom VISOLD

Christie's Retromobile Paris Auction - February, 16 & 17th, 2007

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Estimate 150,000 - 200,000 Euros
Result (incl.) 152,750 Euros

Engine: V8, overhead valve, aluminium alloy crankcase, blocks and heads, single gear driven camshaft in the vee, two inclined valves per cylinder via pushrods and hydraulic tappets, two 1¾ inch SU carburettors, 6.75 litres; Gearbox: GM400 Three speed automatic with cruise control; Suspension: front, independent by wishbones and coil springs, rear, semi-elliptic leaf springs; Brakes: dual-circuit hydraulic working on drums all round. Right hand drive.

Black over burgundy with red Parkertex Savoy Velvet and leather interior

Specific history of this car

This was the first of these remarkable Phantoms to be ordered by George Moore, but followed in a long line of examples of the marque to have been purchased by him. As he had progressed from being behind the wheel, to being chauffeur driven, so in turn the possibility of owning a Phantom had gradually grown on him, such that following the suggestions of Appleyard Rippon in Leeds, and having visited the production facilities for these cars at Hythe Road, he decided to commission his own car.

He took considerable interest in the precise detail of the specification of this car and at the time it was by some margin the most expensive Phantom VI ever to have been ordered. Two years and two months after the original order the completed car was delivered to him.
The original specification incorporated no less than 75 individual detail requirements, a sample of these being: the fitting of seats to each of the bumper overriders so that clients and the owner could rest their feet while sipping champagne at the races and special wooden veneered tray tables that mount on each front wing for placing glasses and refreshments on - these in themselves are tailored to fit over the wing mirror and flag mountings such that the latter can be fixed in place through the table. A full set of European flags were supplied for continental journeys.

The standard external presentation was enhanced with stainless steel trim panels along the sides of the car and chrome mouldings around the rear wheel arches. Rolls-Royce badges were fitted to the rear quarter panels. The car also shared one particular detail with H.M. The Queen's own Phantoms in having detachable bumpers, such that they could be removed and bring the car comfortably under 20ft length such that it would fit in a standard shipping container.

The livery chosen was black over burgundy, with red Parkertex Savoy Velvet in the rear compartment and matched lambswool rugs, and pleated red leather in the front compartment. The rear compartment was luxuriously appointed with fully adjustable seats including the back rest, and occasional seats that can be folded down to provide leg rests for sleeping. Naturally, a comprehensive cocktail cabinet is the central feature of the rear compartment, again fitted with a plethora of refreshments and entertainment facilities.

For security purposes, Rolls-Royce sensibly engineered the rear compartment to be entirely individual from the locking system of the car, its rear doors operating on a different key and an isolation switch enabling the windows to this area to be raised from the front but not lowered. The central locking does not open the rear doors.

One final aspect of this commodious compartment is a removal mirror so that the passenger, like the driver can see what is going on behind the car.

In addition, mechanically it is of note that this was the first Phantom to be fitted with cruise control.

The finished car was handed over to George Moore at the Rolls-Royce works on 1st September 1985, when as a tribute to the workmanship he took more than 60 of the Rolls-Royce staff to dinner to celebrate its completion. This event is itself recorded in Rolls-Royce and Vickers publications of the time, the Chief Executive of the time Richard Perry handing over the keys.

Subsequent history

The car later returned to the works in 1994 at which time its specification was modernised at a cost of £53,000, work including fitting of: a tidy bin to the forward lower face of the rear seat base; a stereo system; a coat hanger support to the rear boot lid; a twin battery system with isolator switch; a compass - located on the front centre header panel; 'puddle lamps' to all four door bottoms; a larger size mascot and Lucas 20/20 spot lamps.

It returned again in 1999 for a repaint to the original and current livery, as well as Connolising of the chauffeur's front seat and armrest and general attention.

Throughout its life the limousine has been serviced at world renowned Rolls-Royce specialists.

The fittings alone include: a silver tray, four silver goblets, four decanters, four wine goblets, two vases, four glass goblets, an ice box, fruit bowl, silver knife, silver tongs, silver bottle opener, silver spoon, silver swizzle stick, bottle stoppers, stirrers, three glass dishes and a glass lemon dish. While at all times a selection of refreshments were normally held on the car.

The Phantom VI is presented today in used but very well-maintained order and is complete with all of the accessories detailed above.

It should be noted that all silver fittings and details are included with the car, and that the owner's chauffeur will be present at the sale assist any enquiries that prospective buyers may have.

Reference Number 6943

as of 2/1/2007

Car 1985 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI
VIN SCAPM0001 FW10141 
Exterior / Interior Color      Bordeaux /      Red 
Options Interior: Cloth interior 
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