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3 Actual Herbies From Herbie Reloaded

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First Time Ever! Full set of Herbie the Love Bug movie cars. These 3 examples were the stars of the 2005 Disney movie, “Herbie: Fully Loaded”. “NASCAR Herbie” In the film, Herbie takes on a few different looks. The most radical is NASCAR Herbie, which proved to be the most challenging of the cars to build. The Herbie team first rented the small Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, Calif., to test engine and trans combinations for NASCAR Herbie. They then rented the larger California Speedway for additional testing. Various engine and transmission combinations were tested. Only two engines were blown in the entire Herbie R&D stage! The racing engine that was finally chosen was a 2300cc engine sporting a pair of 48mm Weber carbs coupled to a racing transmission. Last winter, NASCAR Herbie made a public appearance during warm-up laps before a nationally televised NASCAR race at the California Speedway. This would allow the director to get scenes with the stadium filled with people (the track was later rented by Disney for additional filming, which required White to replicate all the NASCAR cars that were at the race!). For Herbie to run on the track at a NASCAR event, Stach and his team of mechanics had to build a true NASCAR Herbie that had to pass tech as if it were really going to race. Stach and his team of mechanics knew they would have to upgrade every aspect of the Beetle’s suspension, braking, steering and structural rigidity. An adjustable beam helped lower the front of the car as low as it would go to help lower the car’s center of gravity. NASCAR Herbie was built on a pan with independent rear suspension. Center-link steering provided more accurate steering, and the cars were equipped with full roll-cages and other NASCAR-mandated safety equipment. All of the NASCAR cars’ brakes were upgraded to disc brakes. 13-inch aluminum wheels wrapped in Goodyear 23.5 x 9.5 x 13 racing slicks replaced Herbie’s usual widened stock VW wheels and tires. NASCAR Herbie cost a reported $75,000 ($20,000 spent just on the drivetrain). Three of them were built. A fourth NASCAR Herbie — a hero car — was built which was identical to the other three but with a standard 1600cc engine. This car was for Lindsay Lohan, Herbie’s co-star, to drive in scenes where a stunt-double couldn’t be used (White and his team gave Lohan a crash-course in driving a stick shift, and White reports that she did very well). The finished NASCAR Herbies are fast — drivers got the cars up to 138 mph. The powertrains could have pushed Herbie even faster, but the car’s shape made it unstable at speeds any faster. “Pimp Herbie” One of Herbie’s other guises in the film is that of a “Fast and the Furious” style street racer. Mechanically and visually closer to a stock ’63 Beetle, “Pimp Herbie” is packed with enough street-cool features to put any Honda Civic to shame. Like the NASCAR Herbies, the Pimp Herbie features a fiberglass hood, decklids, fenders and runningboard extensions. Pimp Herbie is decked out in pearlescent white paint and wide 15-inch chrome wheels sporting stock chrome VW hubcaps. Up front, Pimp Herbie rides on 205 65 R15 Goodyear NASCAR Eagle GT tires, with 235 60 R15s in back. Inside, racing style seats replace the standard seats, and the door panels feature color-coordinated red white and blue stripes. A street car isn’t a street car without a massive sound system! Pimp Herbie’s back seat area is packed with amps, subwoofers and enough JVC speakers to fill two cars, but in the dash is his stock VW AM radio (a feature that White and Stach felt was important to retain)! Six Pimp Herbies were built. Five of the cars were equipped with 2180cc engines. A hero pimp car (this car) was fitted with an 1835cc, and one process car was built to be pulled by a camera truck.

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Car 1963 Volkswagen Beetle - 3 Actual Herbies - from Herbie Reloaded
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