1988 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo Prototype SOLD
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This unique vehicle began life as part of the high-performance Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo project from 1988 – 1990. Originally equipped as an se model, it was delivered by Pontiac to the ASC/McLaren facility near Pontiac’S Grand Prix plant in Faifax, Kansas in 1988. ASC/mclaren was commissioned by Pontiac to create a performance turbo prototype, using this car for research and development of the 1989 limited edition turbo grand prix units. Because it is a prototype, many hand-fabricated components and modifications can be seen under the hood and on the engine and turbo unit itself. Coupler units for testing engine performance, temperatures, airflow etc., are also evident. the chassis is fitted with heavy-duty four-wheel disc brakes, a high performance handling package, and the turbo unit posses a higher spool-up rate than any of the later production units. The factory gold paint on this prototype is also unique since all 1989 production Grand Prix Turbo Cars were offered only in black or red. After factory R&D was completed in 1990, Pontiac motorsports sent both the car and engine separately to Frank Peterson Racing in Lakewood, Colorado for high-altitude evaluation and to compete in the Pikes Peak Auto Hillclimb (showroom stock class). The components were reassembled and the car was lightened and modified for competition including a full roll cage, 5 point harness, fuel cell, pressurized intercooler water tanks, boost gauge, racing tires, racing exhaust, a purpose-built racing transmission by hydra-matic motorsports and more. The end result is a fully optioned racing prototype, with power steering, power brakes, heater, power windows and locks, full-adjusted power seats, air conditioning, and original racing livery. This is a former world of wheels car, the only grand prix turbo ever to race pikes peak and a true piece of Pontiac performance history.

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as of 2/4/2007

Car 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo Prototype
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