1996 Ferrari F355 Spider84,900 USD - Asking Price
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This is perhaps the rarest and most striking of all F355 Ferrari Spiders.

While there are literally thousands of red, yellow and black 355s this is the only classic Le Mans blue over Bordeaux 355 Spider known to exist.

This is a classic color combination that was popular on classic Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati from the golden era of motoring and remains so, such so that when Ferrari unveiled its hyper rare F60, of which only 10 of the $2.5 million dollar cars were ever built, it was a blue car with a red interior…much like the 1950s California Spider with the same color combination.

Presently on display at the Petersen Museum is the latest Bugatti (nearly $3 million) and it is painted in a nearly identical color combination.

When Ferrari/Maserati designer Jason Castriota, who designed the 599, Maserati Birdcage 75th and the Maserati GranTurismo, decided to build a million dollar one-off 599 for his father he too chose blue over red for his personal creation.

This Ferrari features the very expensive ($10,000 I’m told) option of the upper dash and steering wheel in red leather along with dark navy blue carpets that contrast beautifully yet subtlety with the red interior and complement the matching blue exterior.

The $7,000 HRE wheels really compliment this Ferrari’s color combination while giving much better grip and braking thanks to the larger front and rear high performance tires.

The typical shrinking leather dash on the F355 was just addressed with thousands spent on new leather. Similarly, the red leather cover for the top is also new ($1500). The red leather interior, including the very expensive OPTION of a full red leather dash and matching steering wheel (said to be a $10,000 option), is in excellent condition as are the beautifully contrasting navy carpets with matching Ferrari original navy floor mats.

A full engine out service was performed less than 1000 miles ago.

New hood and trunk struts were installed.

There are no sticky parts.

Gorgeous $1,000 carbon fiber door sill trim panels have been fitted.

(The blue you see on the left side of the engine panel is merely a reflection from the bar: The panel is actually black and matches the panel on the right side.)

This Ferrari 355 is in exceptional show condition.

The 355 is appreciating and on its way to collector car status. ROAD & TRACK listed it as one of the 10 best looking mid-engined Ferraris of all time, saying it sounds “incredible” and that its “styling has aged well, perhaps looking better than when it was first introduced.”

The great Phil Hill described it as one of the 10 best Ferraris ever built.

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson said it was “the nicest car I have ever ever driven.” He then said he came back from that drive and decided “I have to have one, I have to have one. I have to.” He then went out and bought one for himself. After buying it he said “it’s still the best car I’ve ever driven.”

Richard Hammond recently described the 355 in glowing terms as well in an article (below), echoing Road and Track’s sentiment, stating: “If anything, the 355 has somehow got more attractive in the 19 years since it arrived.”

A recent 5,600 mile reviewer of the 355 for AutoLog noted: “I’m paraphrasing, but Autoblog reader Paul Dyer asked me one day, ‘Want to drive my 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider from San Jose, California, to me in Newfoundland?’ I'm also paraphrasing and leaving out some colorful but unpublishable language, but essentially I said, "Yes." That's how I ended up on a two-week, 5,600-mile road trip, getting an extensive and intimate look at one of the most spectacular cars of our generation. Here's what I discovered. To paraphrase, you don't even know how badly you want an F355.

The F355 Spider is the last beautiful Ferrari. Subsequent stallions are modern and dramatic, the F355 is eternally gorgeous, like Brunelleschi's doors and sunsets in Viareggio. The Iliad would still make sense if you said the Greeks took to ship after a Trojan keyed Menelaus' F355. You cannot say the same about the 348, or even the 458 (though we do love it so). “Road & Track said the F355 had "probably the best sports-car engine ever made." Jeremy Clarkson said it was the best car he'd ever driven. That owner who said he wouldn't recommend it? He's had two, and still uses one as his daily driver.”

On Pistonheads it was also said the 355 was the last “truly beautiful” Ferrari. In fact, it’s a common notion that the 355 was the last truly classically pretty Ferrari.

The 355 is the last Ferrari built with a throttle cable between the gas pedal and the throttle bodies on the engine and a rod operated manual gearbox. It is the last “small” Ferrari. It is the last traditionally built Ferrari. It is the Ferrari that saved Ferrari and turned its reputation around in the mid-1990s. It is well on its way to being a collector’s Ferrari. See the article below comparing the F355 to the Dino.

The 355 is a great investment. It's the end of the Enzo era inspired cars, the last of the hand-built cars and they made very few with just 2,664 six speed manual transmission spiders being made for the world. Compare that to the 360 where Ferrari made more than 13,000 of that model approximately half of which are spiders! This is the end of the small, svelte go-kart like handling Ferraris.

It sounds more like an F1 car than any other road Ferrari.

It has 5 valve per cylinder and titanium connecting rods.

It is the last of the Ferrari with a manual transmission and a true throttle cable as opposed to indirect drive by wire found in the 360 and later cars. It is the best shifting, best driving true sports car from Ferrari bridging the analog cars to digital cars threshold.

The 458 spider is an amazing car but it was mass produced, still costs around $250k and only comes with an automatic transmission and drive by wire, doesn't sound as good as the F355, and as a spider doesn't look as good as the F355 with its two giant humps behind the seats.

It’s also huge compared to a 355 and takes no driver skill and has far less driver involvement. If you are wanting a true classic Ferrari experience with modern performance capabilities the F355 is the only car that fits the bill. Fast, fun, lightweight, sounds great, great to look at, and by today’s Ferrari standards produced in limited numbers. More fun and nimble than a 550, the other last analog Ferrari. The F355 will only appreciate as a classic in the future.

Reference Number 71912

as of 7/6/2017

City Beverly Hills
State California
Country United States United States
Private Seller
Car 1996 Ferrari F355 Spider
Exterior / Interior Color      Blue Le Mans Blue /      Red  
Condition Exceptional 
Mileage 17,800 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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