1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 SpyderSOLD

Coys Spring Auction - Royal Horticultural Hall - London - February 27, 2007

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Sold ú123,570

In the word of one enthusiast, 'There is no greater adrenalin pump'. With its brutally aggressive yet somehow classically elegant lines, and such a wonderful 4.4 litre four-cam V12 under its bonnet, there was nothing that could challenge it when new and precious little that can do so today. True, such cars have never been that easy to drive or particularly practical to use regularly, but then again the best things in life always demand a little more commitment. Indeed a motor car such as the Daytona, once mastered, can provide thrills beyond its owner's wildest expectations.

Yet even more exhilarating is the ultra rare convertible version of the Daytona, the Spyder (or GTS/4, in traditional Ferrari jargon), which was built in only 125 units between 1969 and 1973. These magnificent cars combine the full performance ability of the coupe with the added excitement and unequalled pleasure of open air motoring. Unfortunately however, the price of these Spyders has soared to unprecedented heights in the past few years, to the extent that as road cars go they are quite simply so valuable that they cannot really be enjoyed as they were designed to be. This applies even more so to the seven original Right-Hand drive Spyders, possibly the most sought after of all road going Ferraris in this country.

There is nonetheless an alternative for those who wish to spoil themselves with an open Daytona and yet still use the car to its full performance potential; from the early 1970s until a few years ago some excellent Spyders were produced by converting Daytona coupes, the best of these being executed by the original coachbuilders Scaglietti or English specialists Autokraft. The finest post-factory Spyders offer exactly the same driving experience as the GTS/4s, but - although still very valuable - at a more realistic level. Indeed, they have been described by one Ferrari expert as the ideal compromise between the coupe and factory Spyder- 'the logical man's choice.'

This Daytona, one of four vehicles commissioned by Modena Engineering in the mid 1980s, to be converted by well known specialist Brian English of Autokraft to Daytona Spyder specification , renowned for their workmanship and accuracy in following the exact design modifications of the original cars, which in themselves were converted coupes.

This particular motor car was well remembered by Richard Bond, who commissioned the works, and remembers the car as a very low mileage original car and indeed, in the late 1980s, selling this particular Daytona through well-known specialist dealer David Clark to, as they were known at the time, "one of the Keegan Boys". In the 1980s this well known trio of brothers, Jeremy, Rupert and Rory were well known for both their motoring exploits with Rupert also a Grand Prix driver. At the time the Keegans were known as the fast-living boys around town, always with a string of beautiful cars and even more beautiful women accompanying them.

This particular Daytona, Jeremy Keegan's personal car for over 20 years, could probably find its way to the South of France blindfolded as it was his favourite long distance touring car, undertaking this journey on many occasions.

Always maintained to the highest standards and still retaining its original interior in excellent condition, finished as one would expect, in Rosso Corsa with red and black hide interior, Borrani wheels with the more desirable 11" rear rims and is currently Mot'd and taxed. The last of its breed of true front engined V12 Ferraris, a true driver's car and awaiting its next cruise down to the Riviera.

Reference Number 7196

as of 2/16/2007

Car 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Spyder
VIN 16033 
Exterior / Interior Color      Red /      Black 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Exterior: Wire wheels
Interior: Leather interior