1978 Porsche 928SOLD

Coys Spring Auction - Royal Horticultural Hall - London - February 27, 2007

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Estimate: ú2,000-4,000

Sold ú2,823

The 928 was a very different car in many ways from anything that the Stuttgart based firm had produced to date. It came at a time when Porsche were trying to expand their range to include a truly grand touring car. As such, it was fitted with a brand new all-alloy 90 degree V8 engine with a capacity of 4,474cc and then fitted to the Bosch K-Tronic fuel injection system. This provided the new car with a very 'torquey' and flexible engine which produced 240bhp and propelled the car to a maximum speed of 143mph and an acceleration time of 0-60 in just 7 seconds. Today's example is described as being as in good general condition coming, as it does, with a comprehensive set of documentation including a current MoT, UK registration document and a set of bills all combined in the owners wallet. These great looking cars were born to the Autobahn and rightly so. Listen to one pull away from the lights and the exhaust note will soon enlighten you. Little wonder then, that this exact car was chosen to star in Dan Brown hugely successful film, The Da Vinci Code.

Reference Number 7199

as of 2/16/2007

Car 1978 Porsche 928
VIN 9289100307