1973 Rover P6 3500 SOLD

Coys Spring Auction - Royal Horticultural Hall - London - February 27, 2007

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Estimate: ú3,000-5,000

Sold ú2,000

The Rover P6 was launched in 1963, and alongside the Triumph 2000, which - amazingly - was launched within weeks of the new Rover; it redefined the executive car market. The idea that six-cylinder, 3-litre cars were necessary for status conscious motorists was banished to history, as this new Rover (and Triumph rival) could do everything the traditional rivals could, but using less fuel, taking up less road space whilst doing so. In a word, the two-litre executive car had arrived. The new Rover caused nothing less than a sensation when it was launched - certainly, it was a huge move away from everything that had preceded it. Apart from being entirely new, with no carry-over parts from any other Rover, it was compact (some would say too small inside), technically advanced, and relatively cheap. Also, compared with previous numbers, it was to be built in huge numbers without a drop-off in build quality.

In 1968, the Rover 3500 was created by slotting in the legendary ex-Buick V8 under the bonnet - the style remained almost unchanged (only an under-bumper air scoop gave the game away), but the driving experience changed remarkably. The thrashy four gave way to the muscular V8, and although the Rover 3500 would initially only be available as an automatic, it still had the ability to cover the ground deceptively quickly. Whilst there are two owners recorded in the registration documents, it is still a one family owned car and was traded in eventually to specialist in Kent, Lenham Sports Cars. It is presented in extremely fine order throughout and comes complete with a full years MoT. As described at the time, 'it was the original V8 powered executive express'.

Reference Number 7202

as of 2/16/2007

Car 1973 Rover P6 3500
VIN 45119889D