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Coys Spring Auction - Royal Horticultural Hall - London - February 27, 2007

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A direct evolution of the 1954 Giulietta Sprint, the Bertone designed Giulia Sprint GT soon established a fine reputation on road and track following its introduction in 1962. Against its predecessor it was a much more refined and relaxed car to drive, reflecting the changing nature of Europe's roads as higher cruising speeds became more easily attainable. Initially, the Giulia was little more than a Giulietta powered by a 92bhp, 1,570cc version of the Giulietta's 1,290cc twin-cam, all-alloy four cylinder engine.

At the 1963 Frankfurt Show, however, Alfa launched the Giulia Sprint GT with pretty all-new Bertone coachwork which for the first time allowed practical rear seat accommodation. Power was also increased to 105bhp, good for 112mph and comfortable 100mph cruising via a five-speed gearbox. Under the steel skin, the chassis remained much as for the Giulietta: coil spring independent front suspension and a live rear axle but now with standard front disc brakes; the following year rear discs were added.

For 1965 a new, limited production convertible model, the GTC 1600, joined the line-up. Based on the Sprint GT but subtly restyled by Touring, this attractive variation featured a slightly more sloping tail, a larger boot, wind-up rear quarter light windows and a hood which folded unobtrusively into a recess behind the rear seats; otherwise it shared the same mechanical specification as the Giulia Sprint GT.

Manufactured in 1964, AR755097 is the 97th car off the Touring of Milan production line out of a total run of a 1000 units. This is perhaps one of the finest examples of this rare and pretty car as it has recently benefited from a complete restoration by one of Italy's leading specialists, Bergia of Turin. AR755097's ground up restoration included a bare metal re-spray and a comprehensive mechanical overhaul with the interior re upholstered with the original pattern. A similar restoration would cost in excess of 60,000 Euros in Europe. The car is described to be in 'as new' condition and is the last open four seater made by Alfa Romeo. With the revvy 1600 twin cam engine producing 105 bhp, 5 speed gearbox and maximum speed of 180kmh, this is a great sporty car that can be used by the family.

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Car 1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC
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