1912 Ford Model T C-Cab DeliverySOLD

RM Auction - Vintage Motor Cars at Amelia Island - March 10, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $45,000 - $65,000


$38,500 Sold

22bhp, 176.7 cu. in. L-head four-cylinder engine, three-main bearings, Holley carburetor, two-speed planetary transmission and contracting band in transmission brakes/hand brake on rear wheels and footbrake stops driveshaft. Wheelbase: 100"

It was not until October 1911 that Ford offered a factory built truck on the Model T chassis. As well as a “ commercial roadster ” , there were partially enclosed delivery cars that were designed with no doors, but a permanent roof over the driver ’ s head that provided some protection from the elements. The delivery car featured a multi-purpose wooden body covered in metal that was specially built for commercial use and very different from the production cars. These C-Cab Delivery Cars (so called due to their shape) had twin rear doors for easy loading. Other standard items included a speedometer, brass windscreen frame, tool kit, horn, and a two-piece dashboard.

The example presented here was found in Ontario, Canada as an abandoned derelict in the early 1990s. A full, no expense spared restoration commenced shortly after its discovery and was completed in 1997. Mechanically, the car had a complete overhaul that included rebuilding the engine, the transmission, the differential, the front axles, the braking system and the wheels and tires. For practicality, a 1919 Model T type electric starter was retrofitted. The delivery car coachwork was completely rebuilt and painted in the original colors: midnight blue with French gray pin stripes over a black chassis and fenders. Appropriate period lettering and signage adorn the body side panels, “ B & D Apothecary, Main 3710. ”

The wooden spoke wheels were restored, repainted, pin-striped and fitted with correct, factory issued all-white smooth 30 x 3 1/2 clincher tires, with brass hub covers completing the installation.

Lighting is achieved by the brass acetylene generator mounted on the driver ’ s side that is plumbed to the E & J 666 headlamps supplied by the factory. The side lamps are kerosene E & J type. The matching tail lamp has been wired to signal brake operation and for after dark use.

The standard axle gear ratio of 3.75:1 delivers speeds of up to 45mph with reliability and flattens hills with ease. Toured regularly, this fine example – a prelude to Ford ’ s legacy manufacturing commercial trucks – drives and shows exceptionally well. Versatile and practical, a show winner at the Old Car Festival in the late 1990s, this Model T Ford is a milestone for the industry and any collector-enthusiast. It serves to remind us that Ford truly set the commercial automotive stage.

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as of 2/19/2007

Car 1912 Ford Model T C-Cab Delivery
VIN 93710 
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