1947 Lincoln Continental ConvertibleSOLD

RM Auction - Vintage Motor Cars at Amelia Island - March 10, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $90,000 - $110,000

$71,500 Sold

130hp, 292 cu. in. side valve twelve-cylinder engine with three-speed transmission, leaf spring and solid axle front suspension, leaf spring and live axle rear suspension and four-wheel hydraulically actuated drum brakes. Wheelbase: 125"

When Lincoln introduced its new Continental in 1940, it was a bold statement that clearly demonstrated to longtime rival Cadillac just how serious Lincoln was about competing for what was left of the American luxury car market. The Continental had a smooth and powerful V12 engine and all the amenities luxury car buyers were looking for; Cadillac had reason to be afraid.

Based on a 1939 Zephyr, the Continental prototype was completed in less than six months. It was the hit of the season when Edsel Ford took it with him for his vacation in Florida. Edsel phoned its designer, Bob Gregorie, with the observation, “ I ’ ve driven this car around Palm Beach, and I could sell a thousand of them down here right away. ”

The new Lincoln featured advanced European styling that left a powerful impression on the American public. In fact, its design was so greatly appreciated that the Museum of Modern Art selected the Continental as one of the eight automotive works of art.

The hood line and cowl was lowered and pushed back, with the front fenders extended to match. The rear fenders, with skirts over the wheels, were also extended to match the bustle-style trunk. The folding top had blind quarters. There was almost no bright trim, a concession to Edsel Ford ’ s preference for simplicity, as well as the lack of time to make one-off trim pieces.

Only as it neared completion did the designers realize there was no room for the spare in the trunk. This lead to the decision to install the enclosed spare tire behind the trunk, an expedient that became the car ’ s signature.

When car production resumed after the war, designs differed only in trim from what they had been when production had stopped in 1942. At Lincoln, the first postwar cars were unchanged from 1946 through 1948 as presentation of an all-new Lincoln was put off until 1949. The Continentals came in Coupe and Cabriolet and continued to use the 125-inch wheelbase and the V12 engine.

Before it was replaced by the ‘ jelly bean ’ Cosmopolitan, the Continental model succeeded in reinforcing Lincoln ’ s image. It was a driving force in the luxury car market and set a new standard for style.

The 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible offered here is an original California car and remarkably retains its original plates from 1947. Until recently it belonged to the president of the California chapter of the Lincoln Continental Owners Club. Under his ownership it was treated to a complete nut and bolt, rotisserie restoration performed by highly skilled craftsmen to the strictest LCOC standards. Upon completion, it did not take long for the Continental to earn its Junior and Senior 1st Place awards.

Today, the Continental remains in superlative condition. The quality of the workmanship performed is evident in every detail of the car, from the stitching on the seats, to the excellent body fit and proper detailing and period equipment found under hood and throughout the underside. This is a national show quality Continental ready for the astute collector who knows what the best is and expects no less.

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as of 2/19/2007

Car 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible
VIN 7H171016 
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