2011 Lotus Evora 
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== Information in English ==
= Additional options and accessories =

- Air conditioning
- Alloy wheels
- Anti-lock braking system
- Anti-skid system
- Controlled slip differential
- Door mirrors in colour of body
- Driver's airbag
- Electrically adjustable door mirrors
- Electrically operated front windows
- Electronic brakeforce distribution
- Heated door mirrors
- Heat reflecting glass
- Height adjustable steering wheel
- Immobiliser
- Leather gearstick
- Leather interior
- Leather upholstery
- Metallic paint
- Multimedia enabled
- Onboard computer
- Passenger airbag
- Power steering
- Radio, MP3 enabled
- Radio/CD player
- Remote central locking
- Reversing camera
- Sports seats
- Sports steering wheel
= More information =

General information
Type of body: Coupé
Model range: Apr 2009 - Jan 2015
Colour: Blue
Registration number: 52-PHZ-7
Technical information
Power: 206 kW (280 HP)
Torque: 342 Nm
Number of cylinders: 6
Engine capacity: 3.456 cc
Type of fuel: Petrol
Transmission: 6 gears, Manual gearbox
Drive: Rear wheel drive
Acceleration (0-100 kph): 5,1 s
Top speed: 261 km/h
Dimensions (LxBxH): 435 x 188 x 123 cm
Wheelbase: 258 cm
Empty weight: 1.358 kg
Carrying capacity: 424 kg
GVW: 1.782 kg
Interior: beige
Number of seats: 4
CO2 emission: 215 kg
Energy label: D
Emission class: Euro 5
Average fuel consumption: 9,1 l/100km (31 MPG)
Urban fuel consumption: 12,8 l/100km (22 MPG)
Extra urban fuel consumption: 7 l/100km (40 MPG)
Maintenance, history and condition
Service history: Present
Number of owners: 2
Number of keys: 2 (2 hand transmitters)
Financial informationVAT/margin: VAT not deductable (margin scheme)

== Informatie in het Nederlands ==
= Aanvullende opties en accessoires =

- Buitenspiegels elektrisch verstel- en verwarmbaar
- Buitenspiegels in carrosseriekleur
- Centrale deurvergrendeling met afstandsbediening
- Elektronische remkrachtverdeling
- Lichtmetalen velgen
- Metaalkleur
- Sperdifferentieel
- Warmtewerende voorruit

- Multimedia-voorbereiding
- Radio-cd/mp3 speler

- Airco
- Boordcomputer
- Elektrische ramen voor
- Lederen interieur
- Lederen sportstoelen
- Lederen versnellingspook
- Sportstuur
- Stuurbekrachtiging
- Stuur verstelbaar

- Achteruitrijcamera
- Airbag bestuurder
- Airbag passagier
- Alarm klasse 1(startblokkering)
- Anti Blokkeer Systeem
- Anti doorSlip Regeling

- Premium Pack (Lederen interieur)
= Bijzonderheden =

Wordt Verwacht !
The Lotus Evora – stunning sports car hand built in Britain, developed under the project name Project Eagle, or better known as the Type 122 - was launched 2008. It was a long awaited and much needed GT car with more luxurious feel, just as Chapman wanted the direction of Lotus to be heading. A blend of avant-garde styling and ingenious engineering from Lotus cars, the Evora shares the bonded aluminium technology pioneered in the original Elise, but was built in three independent modules comprising a central tub and sections for front and rear.
The Evora has a sports-orientated suspension set-up, employing wishbones that are just as light as those equipped on the Elise but twice as stiff, despite being longer, wider and a shall we say a touch heavier then the Elise it very much has the Lotus handling characteristics.
This particular model benefits from the 2 2 set up, along with cruise control and aircon. The cherry on the cake: the Aqua Blue stunning paint work combined with a gorgeous cream leather upholstery. The Evora is equipped with a 3.5L V6 Toyota engine, combined with a 6 speed manual gearbox.
The interior echoes lines of the exterior with a floating centre dash console, and the leather band running as a hoop from the dash right around the doors, cabin sides and across the seats. The Evora is clearly a more ergonomically focused car and offers the most comfortable cabin Lotus had ever produced and is far easier to get in and out of then an Elise.
If you love driving and the sensory thrills of sports cars, the Evora must be on your shortlist. It’s the physical feedback it gives that makes it so special, together with direction-changing qualities worthy of a prima ballerina. On the right road, that is, a twisting, empty one, very few cars of any price bracket are as much fun. What strikes you will first be the ride quality. Our Lotus engineers say the Evora was benchmarked against Jaguars for smoothness and it shows. Then comes the steering: sharp, direct and responsive, allowing you, the driver to feel the road in a way no other power-assisted car can. You’ll need to go a very long way before you find a car that handles better, regardless of price point.
Opties en accessoires:
- Origineel Nederlands
- Aquamarine Blue
- 2 2 uitvoering
-Lederen stoelen
-Lederen stuur
- Airconditioning
-Cruise control
-Uitschakelbare tractiecontrole
-Inschakelbare sportstand
= Meer informatie =

Algemene informatie
Carrosserievorm: Coupé
Modelreeks: apr 2009 - jan 2015
Kleur: Aquamarine Blue (blauw metallic)
Kenteken: 52-PHZ-7
Technische informatie
Vermogen: 206 kW (280 PK)
Koppel: 342 Nm
Aantal cilinders: 6
Motorinhoud: 3.456 cc
Brandstofsoort: Benzine
Transmissie: 6 versnellingen, Handgeschakeld
Aandrijving: Achterwielaandrijving
Acceleratie (0-100): 5,1 s
Topsnelheid: 261 km/u
Afmetingen (LxBxH): 435 x 188 x 123 cm
Wielbasis: 258 cm
Ledig gewicht: 1.358 kg
Laadvermogen: 424 kg
GVW: 1.782 kg
Interieur: Beige, Leder
Aantal zitplaatsen: 4
CO-uitstoot: 215 kg
Energielabel: D
Emissieklasse: Euro 5
Gemiddeld brandstofverbruik: 9,1 l/100km (1 op 11,0)
Brandstofverbruik in de stad: 12,8 l/100km (1 op 7,8)
Brandstofverbruik op de snelweg: 7 l/100km (1 op 14,3)
Onderhoud, historie en staat
Onderhoudsboekjes: Aanwezig
Aantal eigenaren: 2
Aantal sleutels: 2 (2 handzenders)
Financiële informatieBTW/marge: BTW niet verrekenbaar voor ondernemers (margeregeling)
= Bedrijfsinformatie =

Voor meer informatie over deze auto kunt u contact opnemen met Willem van der Kooi op 31(0)30-4100490 of via Willem@vanderkooisportscars.nl

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as of 6/5/2023


Stock Number 948047841

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Car 2011 Lotus Evora
Mileage 107.123 km 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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