1927 Austin Seven 'Ulster' Style Two-Seater SportsSOLD

1927/31 Austin Seven 'Ulster' Style Two-Seater Sports

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Registration No: OX 2805 Engine No: 46931 CC: 750 Colour: Black Trim Colour: Black MOT: March 2011

Reference Number 73887

as of 3/20/2010

Car 1927 Austin Seven 'Ulster' Style Two-Seater Sports
VIN A52744 
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Known History

From the mid 1920s until well after WWII, the Austin 7 was one of the most familiar sights on British roads, and this iconic model has charmed its way into the hearts of more than one generation. The attraction of the Austin 7 today remains as strong as ever, and many are the enthusiasts who can afford far more upmarket classic cars, but who find that the practicability, cleverness and general appeal of the Austin 7 fulfils their desires. A runaway success from its introduction in 1922, the Seven was much the most effective of several attempts to market a large car in miniature and effectively sounded the death knell of the cyclecar breed. So familiar is the specification that it barely needs further repetition: four-cylinder 750cc sidevalve engine in unit with a 3-speed centre-change gearbox, and the 'A' frame chassis was suspended by a single transverse leaf spring at the front and two quarter elliptics at the rear. Braking initially was by hand on the front wheels and foot on the rear, linked from 1930.


The vendor informs us that he bought this particular example in circa 1973/4 believing it to be a genuine EA Sports 'Ulster' model. An accompanying continuation buff logbook issued on 23rd January 1956 identifies 'OX 2805' as a 'Two-Seater Sports' but also gives its date of first registration as 29th October 1927 (some two-and-a-bit years before the EA Sports was launched). Thus, it would seem that the Seven has existed as an open two-seater for at least the last fifty-four years. Though, precisely when its present Ulster-style bodywork was fitted is unknown. Said to have "competed in various Vintage Sports Car Club Trials and on the odd rally" but to have been "mainly used for pleasure", the Austin's longest journey during the current ownership was apparently from South Lincolnshire to the VSCC Lakeland Trial and back. Treated to a major engine overhaul by Stuart Rolt some time ago, the past ten years are understood to have seen the car "scarcely driven except for the odd pub jolly"; the one notable exception being the 200 plus miles covered by the vendor's son during an Irish jaunt in 2003. Finished in black with matching upholstery, 'OX 2805' is described by the seller as being in "good" condition with regard to its engine, three-speed manual gearbox, electrical equipment and bodywork, while he rates the interior trim and paintwork as "reasonable".


PLEASE NOTE: The VIN / Chassis Number shown on this lot's V5C registration document is A52744. However, A52744 would originally have been the Seven's Car Number (Austin ascribing a Car Number, Chassis Number and Engine Number to the Seven). The use of the Car Number as a Chassis Number on the vehicle's registration documents dates back to its 1956-issued continuation logbook. We have not been able to find the Car Number A52744 (or any Car Number plaque) on the Seven but we have located what we believe to be a chassis number stamping on the nearside chassis rail ahead of the rear engine mount. This stamping appears to read 115958 and if it is the number of the chassis then it would indicate that the chassis was built in circa late 1930 or 1931. The engine currently fitted to the Seven would seem to date from approximately late 1931 or 1932.