1957 MG A Devin MKII Supercharged 1600SOLD

RM Auctions - The Ponder Collection - Texas - April 20-21st, 2007

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ESTIMATE: $60,000 - $80,000


$74,800 Sold

est. 110bhp, 1,622 cc overhead valve inline four-cylinder engine, Judson supercharger, four-speed manual transmission, front-wheel disc brakes and rear-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 85"

When the envelope-bodied MGA appeared, the traditionalists chastised the design, although the move towards a more streamlined, modern MG was inevitable. Built from 1955-1962, the MGA roadsters underwent constant improvements.

In its original guise the MGA was powered by a 72bhp, 1489cc four-cylinder pushrod engine. It was capable of moving the 1,988 pound two-seater from 0-60mph in 15-seconds and provided a top speed of around 100mph. The engine’s horsepower was raised shortly after its launch, and would continue to rise throughout production, as successive increases in displacement would reach, in its final state of evolution, 1,622 cc and produce approximately 90 horsepower.

It is no surprise that many enthusiasts wanted more performance from their small British sports cars. That was accomplished by fitting speed equipment to increase power and/or by making the overall car lighter. Still others not only wanted more performance, but also added pizzazz. After all, it was the hot rod and custom car era, and wearing a pancake hat and driving gloves was a diametrically opposed culture to that of the rock and roll, T-shirt and jean scene.

For many, a happy medium was struck with the fitting of a sexy, lightweight fiberglass body and the addition of a supercharger to your typical English production sports car. As an added bonus, it would still be track eligible, so you could don your helmet and race competitively on Sunday.

For increasing power to your MGA, a Judson supercharger was the way to go. It had proved its worth on T-Series cars and would do the same for the 1,622cc engine in the 1962 MGA by increasing power to well over 100bhp and peak torque to about 100 lb-ft.

Replacing a steel body with an aftermarket fiberglass body was relatively common in the late fifties/early sixties on both sides of the Atlantic. At this time, the most established manufacturer of fiberglass bodies in the US was Devin Enterprises in El Monte, California, operated by Bill Devin. He offered numerous body shell kits including the popular, smooth-styled Devin SS and the Devin D. The idea for the business began when Devin first sketched a body shape for his Ferrari and handed it to the foreman of the Scaglietti shop in Modena, Italy. He later developed his own line based on those styling cues.

The 1962 MGA Mk II Devin pictured here is typical of the type of “special” enthusiasts built during the era. The MGA 1,622cc engine is fitted with a Judson cylinder head and a vane-type supercharger as indicated by the badges on the flanks of its Devin fiberglass body. Painted in a Ferrari red and sitting on an MGA DeLuxe (Twin Cam) chassis, we understand that when the body was originally found it was remarkably original and clearly had never been on another car as it retained all its original shipping tags.

Freshly restored and in absolutely flawless condition, this supercharged Devin sports car features a period-style Plexiglas windscreen, quick-filler gas cap, special engine cooling vents and 72-spoke chrome wire wheels, all of which are in highly presentable condition. Attesting to the build quality of the car are the hand made bonnet and boot which complete the Devin-bodied MGA’s excellent construction.

While the odometer shows only around five miles, the MGA was given a thorough shake-down of almost 100 miles prior to the speedometer installation. Overall, virtually every nut and bolt was replaced and approximately $65,000 was spent on the restoration alone. The very well detailed engine appears new as does the red leather interior that features rebuilt MGA competition seats, full carpeting, an engine turned aluminum dash with a full set of Smith’s gauges and a wooden aftermarket steering wheel.

If your tastes run a little differently from the average MGA enthusiast and you have a lust for speed, this 1962 MGA Mk. II Devin will accelerate you into a nostalgia trip of un-proportional bliss.

Reference Number 7573

as of 2/27/2007

Car 1957 MG A Devin MKII Supercharged 1600
VIN GHNL76841 
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